Why Pakistan is Facing Crisis Today?

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A very different and interesting point of view and amazing analysis from another unique dimension of why Pakistan is facing crisis today? This is also a real reason behind our mess and all of us are responsible for this.

At first let me scratch the past a bit!

People of my age were quite young in the time elections in 1990 at Pakistan, students of fifth or sixth grade I guess. What does such an age has to do with politics and politicians, and neither was media so developed that we had to listen to the news and talks that we do now even if we don’t want to. That saved us from the long unwanted addresses of rulers. All we had at that time was ‘PTV’ and that too then, was limited to only a few homes.

At least this was the case in my village. People didn’t mind going to other’s home to watch TV.

At that time, our local intellectuals held political discussions on ‘The Tharra’ (The terraces) outside their homes. There what we used to hear was the comparison of evils as smaller and larger. The point of discussion was always that which evil is better to be voted. Others’ opinions were valued on this issue.

For us, the youngest generation of that time, the meaning of evil was evil. Since everyone paid a lot of attention towards noticing our misdeeds or evils, scolding us so that we must become virtuous. “Good children don’t do bad things.” The outcome of an evil was told and shown to be horrible… and so did our dreams at night become more horrible. But what we were unable to understand was that what the thing which makes even an evil better is!!

At that time, a drama named “AINAK WALA JINN” was broadcasted for children at 5 pm. In that play, the contrast of good and evil was very clear. Thus, we interpreted the characters in our life, people surrounding us, their good and bad deeds, and the fortune they faced due to that deeds; according to the explanation of Ainak wala Jin’…

True and innocent.. They failed to understand… no matter an evil is trivial or greater… how can it ever be removed or fixed???

And then… few days later, when the new government rose, then we saw and understood!!! That ok, no doubt that these rulers are also evil… but they are less evil than others…

We saw many evils taking oaths and this picture got permanent in mind that whosoever reaches this designation/place/position in every era, has to be evil somewhere somehow. Because he who has power… rules. Because we never saw an honest or truthful person being selected even as an BD member or a councilor.

Behind every great fortune, there’s a crime!

We saw plenty of small evils taking oaths!!!

We saw their glorious regime!

We saw this country becoming the empire of smaller and larger evils!

We saw the regime taken down and taken…

And then, ultimately, each smaller evil turns into the biggest one..  Saw exactly the same game for whole ten years!!! Smaller evils come to rule and after tenure of two years it converts into the bigger evils and it went on the same way.

Then, all of a sudden, a self-formed savior comes and grants so many people so much more than their ability and right in return to their loyalty. So, then these people maintained the court of the king for years. And all this happened in the guise of national interests and for the formation of ‘evil free’ society (Politics).

Now, in the period of 25 years, every child of that time has stepped into the childhood of his own children, but the evil still exists… it never departed. Today, I’m standing at the same point with ‘the wise’ and ‘intellectuals’ surrounding me and trying to convince me with full devotion and argumentation that choosing a smaller evil or ‘less-bad’ person is the only fine choice.


For God’s sake!!! Come to senses my friends and my respectable elders!

If, 25 years ago, we had intended to choose only the truthful and honest person instead of compromising and choosing from the little or bigger evils; then we wouldn’t have become this horribly dishonest nation on large. This is the result of choosing evil in hope for the virtuous that we are now collectively in-fructuous.

Intellectual, whose purpose is to implant wisdom and morals of the society in people, has involved himself in his own comforts and so, has directed himself to present the stance of a political party which is offering the privileges of his interest, Difference of opinion is now considered to be an enmity.

Islam… is in possession of some false sheep.

We all know very well that who is serving who by building a mosque with the money of bribe on the property snatched from a widow. Such a miserable is the drought of leadership that we can’t see what’s in front of our eyes. It’s not too late yet. It takes years and decades of struggle in leading a nation to the path of honor and progress. But it is possible only when the journey has its one permanent direction because journey in a circular way never ends.

Worshiping the selected has to end. Making fun of things and persons is no solution to any problem. The whole society needs a collective training. Duties should be performed with the same devotion and honesty as are performed in struggling for one’s own rights.


This world is a ‘seek and get’ place.

You get what you seek. You harvest what you grow. Seeding cactus and expecting a rose plant is nothing but height of stupidity.

Vote for the honest and truthful!!!

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Iffat Saeed Chaudhry

Advocate High Court Lahore

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