Why It Is Time To Leave Big Cities

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If you want to get unleash success then its time to leave big cities. Read this post to make your final decision now.

First of all the reason why I am writing on this subject is my personal experience which invoked me to discuss why it’s the right time to leave big cities and roll back to your small counties. So here we go for it assuming that you are an I.T geek…


Of course its hard to survive while living in a big city like New York where you will have to fight against a great army of experts and geeks who have been occupied corporate seats and companies. I believe that only exceptional persons with great and unique talent can survive and can make their place fast after arriving in big cities. All other majority of experts and new birds face a lot of trouble after they decide to start their career in giant populated city.


Most cruel aspect is when you start finding your first job everyone simply deny to offer you something. Reason is simple you don’t have experience or portfolio and the only remedy is to accept low salary agreement and start working because you are usually worried about your living expenses which are hilariously higher to stay alive.


Their are many advantages and disadvantages living in a big cities like when we talk about the benefits of large cities living style we see that easy access to shopping, different kinds of restaurants, and cultural events. Plenty of people to choose from in finding friends. Usually good hospitals/medical care. Travel is easier – airports, trains, etc. Laws usually control things like loose dogs and prohibit inappropriate land use, such as a factory in a residential area. More kinds of jobs available. Better access to universities. You may not need a car. There is usually more tolerance of individual excentricities.


While disadvantages which we already have been discussed above are crowding – people wherever you go, so it’s hard to be by yourself. Your neighbors may be able to hear everything you say or do. Noise levels can be very unpleasant. More air pollution than outside city. Often higher crime rates and poor schools, although many rural and suburban schools aren’t that hot, either. Costs more for less land, and the taxes are higher. Many limitations on what you can do with your property due to strict zoning. Usually no place to grow your own vegetables or many flowers. Many cities have infestations of rats or cockroaches, but not as many mice as in the country. If you have a cat, you probably have to keep it indoors.


In my personal experience and to be concluded all of this is you should must go and taste the style of living in a big city and should get your personality boosted from their as what big city gives you all is your personality and career grooming and learning. A person with a medium knowledge in I.T from a little county can become a geek after living in big city in 2 to 3 years if he work really hard and try to achieve the best possible experience.


After you have got your experience there should be a time where you will see that your salary level is enough to survive in this city. You can have a nice apartment, A second hand car, A good wardrobe you start enjoying hotaling every weekend and affording a girlfriend. This is the right time to think and make your final decision.


Now let me talk in a different perspective which will be talk of your heart I believe. Why you are living in big city? just to make big money…right? Okay it is quit possible that you will get a jump on higher entrepreneur level and win the lottery but what if it would not be possible by any reason. You can get any type of slump naturally in your professional career or physical health situation. What you have for that bad times??? No one cares in big cities for what you are facing every one just cares for your worth.


I have a suggestion here….

You have converted yourself into a mature, professional and successful geek. Now it is time to start your business and for business you need big money or pathetic partners (money lenders) who are waiting for your meet like vultures. What is bad to leave that damn big city and move back from where you come and start your small organization or office where you can get loyal working partners and young I.T professional who will love to work with you and will never think to betrayal you in your professional relationships as they know your worth and qualities. Because there is low competition and you can win the race easily while its no subject of argument that you will need to work more harder even more than you were suppose to do in big city but the fruit is unleash there in small town.

Every one knows you very well. Your expenses are 50% lower than big city. You can have a calm and big place on smaller amount of money, Residential costs are same 50% lower and the most of all you have got your identical respect very fast than big cities.


Look if you have internet access and have electricity then there is no reason why you are just sticking in big city and living in tunnel like rooms with sharing of bad room mates. I believe that rolling back to small cities after getting enlightenment of your profession will make your journey to success 100% faster than living in big cities.


Don’t you ever think why rich persons always prefer to get out of rush and competition??? Just to make their own domain its always important to be isolated in alone places and do your work silently on your big projects. I hope you have got my point from what I am trying to deliver.


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