Most Dangerous Roads To Drive

in Worldwide

I have found most dangerous roads to road from all over the world. I am sharing with you, you can analyze how dangerous to drive in those roads.


Stelvio Pass, Italy


Stelvio pass of Italy is located at south Tyrol near to Swiss boarder, built by the Austrian empire to connect the Lombardia province with the rest of Austria in 1820. The road is risky constructed in zigzags style and full of 48 sharp turns. You should drive slowly while passing through this dangerous road of the world.



Saint Gothard Pass, Switzerland


Saint Gothard pass of Switzerland is on second number in the most dangerous list. If someone is tired of life then they must travel through this scary road.  Though the road is not very deadly but drivers must think once before traveling on this road.



Nepal Road


Nepal road is the really very very dangerous road in the world. Daily accidents occur on the road because of its narrowness. It is s very risky for weak nervous people to pass Nepal road by bus, they should travel through airway if they want to safe their lives. It has been selected by the BBC in 2011 as the most dangerous road of the world.



Fairy Meadows, Pakistan


Fairy Meadows, the base of Naga Parbat mountain having 8126 height, among the highest mountains of the world, is the most dangerous and freaky road of the world. The meadow is the heaven for the polo lovers, backpackers and Photographers. Great stamina is required on while driving on uneven nettle road because no one can drive alone all the ways of meadows.



Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan


Taroko Gorge road of Taiwan is on fifth number in our list. Though the road has a breath taking view but is very dangerous because of its sharp turns. One must be thankful to god after passing such an unsafe road.



Guoliang Tunnel Road, China


The guoliang tunnel road is built in the Taihang Mountains of Henan province. In fact road is constructed by the 13 adjoining villagers by the order of the then Chief Sheb Mingxin. Lot of deaths occurred during the completion of such a difficult task. The road is 1.3 Kilometer long, 12 feet wide and 15 feet high which makes the road creepier to drive.  The tunnel has 30 windows for looking the outside view. It is also known as “the long corridor in cliffs”.



Karakoram Highway, Pakistan


The road is known as friendship Highway, built between China and Pakistan, is a symbol of friendly relationship between the two states. It is built at 4,693 altitudes. Highway is risky because of flood and land sliding but its fascinating view attracts tourist to drive through such a most dangerous road.



Trollstigen, Norway


Trollstigen road of Norway comes in the World dangerous road list because of its narrow and sharp bends. As Norway is famous for its undulating view and road look like an anaconda Lying in a relax mood. Because of its sharp bends longer vehicles are not allowed on the road.



Siberian Road to Yakutsk, Russia


The Russian Federal Highway Linked Yakutsk to Moscow is on ninth number in the most dangerous roads list, known as “Lena” having tarmac surface. The muddy sand makes the situation worst during rainy days. Moreover world recorded coldest temperature after Antarctica and snowy ice covered the road most of the time which increase the risk of accidents. So be careful while driving on Russian Federal Highway.



Road of Death, Bolivia


Bolivia’s Yungas road is standing on the tenth position in the most dangerous roads list. Its better to call it the road of death because it has taken more than thousands lives.  It was built in 1930 by Paraguayan prisoners of war. While passing through this dangerous road, drivers must believe on their destiny rather than their art of driving. Because the road is narrow and almost all the time wrapped with fog and vapors.


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