Future Of Islamic Revolution In Pakistan

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A critical analysis which shows why religious parties and Islamic organizations are still failed to get power and government in Pakistan. This article is a knowledge base of root cause which is preventing people to welcome Islamic revolution in Pakistan.

Future Of Islamic Revolution In Pakistan

There are several factors which acts like a speed breaker when Islamic revolution tries to evolve in society. We will discuss some of the major aspects which shows why religious and Islamic organizations badly failed to invoke a revolutionary momentum in country. 

Body language of leaders

Body language of Ulama’s always contradict with their speech especially when they talk about politics and democracy. This is the main reason why Ulama’s are still not able to achieve their targets in politics because their body language does not match what they say. Simply it should sounds like a political leader at that time rather than looking like a religious scholar.

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Concepts of Islamic parties are high but not “The Voice of Commons”

The core concepts of Islamic parties are not “Clear” / “Strong” to grab people’s attention from inside of their hearts or may be leadership always fail to transform it towards them in a way it should be.

Another issue which prevents people rushing towards them is to avoid / hide / neglect the concept of Pakistan Two-Nation Theory, the contribution and sacrifices of a whole nation and a brilliant team of politicians like (Quaid-e-Azam & Allama Iqbal and many others) who participated to make it possible. This is a big reason stopping the Islamic parties to get their fame as half of the nation believes on that concept of Pakistan and loves the heroes of Tehreek-e-Azadi. Trying to cutting that half part become a major aspect responsible to cut the half process of popularity towards the Islamic Revolution.


Lack of motivation and hype creation

When Islamic scholars speak in public it seems their speeches are crafted well in Islamic language but not well-designed to create a motivation layer in human mind neither enough powerful to boost the hype of emotions at the same time in crowd. If revolutionary organizations want to be a “Political Force” and operate on a national level they will definitely in need for an overwhelming majority of different social classes like, professionals, intellectuals, brilliant speakers, society influencers, well established politicians, young entrepreneurs and level-headed men of affairs. (Be it remembered that in order to become the Political Force, these organizations must attract these classes).

People from these classes know perfectly how to convince / brain wash a common person and how to bend hard coated minds with the power of their intellect, knowledge, personality, talking style, engagement strategy and transformation skills.  In my opinion every Islamic or revolutionary organization will definitely in need of game changing players at some certain level of growth, real game changers who can play with the emotions of hearts and boost hypes of minds to make the growth process lightening fast in a positive way to become the next political power of future.

Financial solution and / or earning module concept

There is nothing important than survival of common’s when you talk about how to start a revolution. I could not see any shocking change of policies from any Islamic party which will happen in a poor person’s life after the revolution and change. This is what everyone wants to hear and talk in today’s world and they don’t want to talk about it.

Old traditional way of working

While populating and propagating the concept and getting fame it’s always important in today’s world for any organization to build its network online. There should be a online presence where everyone from community can join and contribute in many ways like sharing ideas, adding content, registering new members, getting funds from welfare accounts, engaging social media, occupying search engines to bring massive visitors who are looking for a change.

This can also achieved with building an online existence like professionally build and maintained official website portal where a professional wing should always busy to engage community. Another missing part which comes in mind when we talk about such big goals is establishing an online TV channel along with website and social media existence where organization should publish events videos, lectures, audios online on-air broadcasting the live and recorded media both.

Ignoring young entrepreneurship

Intelligent and fresh young local leadership should come in front of society and amazingly I don’t see any localization fresh blood injecting policy in any Islamic organization at the moment. The only way to get young and talented team is to get an active engagement with society which is only possible through network building which has been discussed early in “Upper Paragraph”

No party optimization process

As far as I can see, we can measure and optimize the growth of any Islamic organization using (STRUGGLE) as a UNIT. Rises and falls of power in today’s world is a matter of days if we talk about personal life and a matter of months when we work as family and of course a matter of some squeezed years when it comes to a Revolutionary Organizational  rise. Simply a calculation analysis requires and it is for sure…
(Life of ORG + STRUGGLE Period =Final Destination)      

Why I concluding this article in a mathematical way is because I understand that before 20th century it was fair to struggle for hundreds of years and become an unleashed change for next thousands of years but as we can see the whole system and the age of time is transformed towards the globalization so it is very possible and real that rises and falls are becoming more and more shorten in their life cycles.

We can change our personal life in a matter of months towards richness from poorness and we can convert organizations into forces from none by using next generation strategies and by adopting new technology of this age. I hope all of us know very well about the long rises like Romans, Greeks, Egyptian Pharaohs, Khilafat-e-Usmania, Mughals Empire and especially British Empire. We see they ruled hundreds of years and amazingly we also see that the rise age of these forces reduced averagely as time moves forward.

If we see after the British Empire there are very short term rises have started to occur like USSR & USA both super powers have got very short time of rise and the no surprise China is ready to get its place for next possible super power today. It simply means that as time is getting short day by day towards final judgment, everyone regardless single one’s or nations are getting more opportunities to transform themselves in a way they want (both in positive and negative). Now it is getting quick and lightening fast to get a rise playing right moves at right time simply because we have no time to waste.

In this prospect we see 2 brilliant and interesting examples

PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) and TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan).

PTI got right leader at right time and right moves on right targets but why it failed is a best understanding of human psychology exists in Pakistan. Something was missing out there inside of party and in my point of view that was Pro Islamic side. Nation which was confused and in doubt (may be unconsciously) about their Sharia Modules implementation policies which were fairly neglected and missing in the whole seen and knocked them down even they had a phenomenal wave of popularity.

On the other side of the coin we see TTP even striking like a nightmare they are clearly failed in their mission to conquer Pakistan. Reason is quite clear that they have no political face for the people of Pakistan. Again nation as a confused crowd is not able to decide of how to give them power because people want Islam but also want political system to stay remained. Here we see TTP is neglecting or not able to understand the educated side of Pakistan.

(Note: I have quoted these 2 organizations only to discuss a human psychology reside in Pakistan and to deliver the idea that is why I brought both of them in one court, Other than that there is a huge difference about both organizations).

Approximate Conclusion

Major nuke transformations are require in Islamic Organizations Structure and strategies. Pakistan is in crisis and like all other crisis there are lot more opportunities growing rapidly which need to analyze. Organizations may need to convert themselves into a political parties rather than revolutionary organizations (ikhwanul muslimin and Iran revolution are great examples) and start influence inside of society on open platforms. This might be a way to get power so that revolution could start taking birth in Pakistan!!!

People don’t want politicians, they don’t want scholars to rule them, they are also not going to support so called Islamic organizations who are designed to throw them in cave age. Pakistan is waiting for a true Islamic and political party who can bring its destiny back to its place where this poor country was suppose to make for.

May this is what many of us call (Nishat-e-Sanya) may be it is something like many of us dreaming as a (Greater Pakistan) or maybe it is what our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) pointed out. Whatever it is but Pakistan is waiting for it and there will always space for the real one’s. Now let’s see when and who comes to fill out that place which is reserved by mother nature for the real leadership.

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