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A shocking documentary on gays hidden life in Pakistan. This video is another dangerous attempt to inject LGBT rights awareness in Pakistan as we have seen earlier in “Shame (Mukhtaran Mai)” to make it more unstable. Although the main gay character of the movie “Kamee” was arrested at airport after getting back from LGBT rights conference in Singapore but it could not help to prevent of publishing and spreading this disgusting movie on internet.


Here is official description of and story theme of this movie:


Chuppan Chupai is a 2013 Danish human rights feature length documentary, made by a Danish and a Pakistani filmmaker. The film shows the secret, yet open lives of a group of Pakistani sexual minorities, raising questions about transgender activism, religion, underground gay life, social acceptance and collective familial customs of transgenders in urban Pakistan.

LGBT rights in Pakistan are non-existant – hence is an official LGBT community as such. The only somewhat tolerated community within sexual minorities, is the large transgender community – often referred to as ‘Hijras’. Historically, transgenders has always been a visible part of Pakistani society, dating back to the Mughal empire where they served the queens at the royal courts.


Today most transgenders are limited to professions such as beggary, sex-work or dancing. Due to the lack of LGB visibility, rights and activism, ‘Hijras’ has also become an umbrella term embracing all spectres of LGBT, though the literal meaning of the word is ‘transgender’. Pakistan is a muslim republic with active sharia law, which enforces life in prison for same-sex relationships.

We follow Neeli Rana: a transgender activist, whose courage and persistence made the apex court of Pakistan to grant basic civil rights in favor of “the third gender,”. Kami: a fearless and flamboyant boy, who dares to speak about his out gay life criticizing those who live with a secret. Waseem: a veteran dancing boy, who struggles with his sexuality and chooses to denounce it due to familial pressure and Jenny: a transgendered and a recently castrated college student who bitterly regrets her transition.


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