Dubai Indian Escorts: This Is How Sex Industry Is Growing In Dubai

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A shocking research on how indian escort services are growing lightening fast in dubai while we know that Dubai is an Islamic state where this kind of business is obviously illegal and have strict punishments even death penalties in most cases in Islamic States like Iran and Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Each and everything about Dubai Indian Escorts (Escort Girls in Dubai)

I know Dubai is a little bit different from other Islamic states as they have big tourist industry and business potential as an important sea port. We know where tourist come in a massive way, Sex industry automatically rises because people simply want to enjoy their stay so they want girls. It is a common factor but the real aspect which making me surprised that Dubai is Islamic state and have Islamic rule of law implemented very strongly. Especially when we see that they never allow their women to come out in malls and restaurants with out veil because this is their culture and religion both…Here it makes lot of surprises that how they bear and afford this kind of industry in their state.


Simply you can have very beautiful and charming sexy girl just after one phone call at your hotel room, home where ever and when ever you want. Well let’s examine and see how all of this is happening under legal protection and why they are tolerating this business.


Indians are as usual on top

Without any doubt India is on top of promoting and spreading sex industry as there influence in other business markets are well known. 80% of escort girls are Indians which is definitely very high percentage and there is no age restriction in this game just the women should be sexy and attractive even in some cases you can see those girls are not even sexy but because of high business volume they can still work no matter if they are even pregnant!. There are many sources from where sex industry is growing so fast. Here are some of these.



yup night clubs and pubs are allowed in Dubai:). You can many countries night clubs like India, Russia, Philippine, Egyptian and many more. People go there drink whatever they want and enjoy dancing with girls. After closing of night clubs they book desired girl and take her where ever they want. If I am not wrong then a medium class prostitute can ask up to 1000 U.A.E Dirhams which is up to 270 U.S Dollars not bad:). Here are some hot night clubs which are for sure playing a major role to spread sex industry in Dubai:

Al Sarab

Al Shurouq Lounge

Balcony Bar

Bar 44

Boston Bar




Club 7



Escort Websites

Second biggest source to get easy girls in just one or two hours maximum without going out. It’s a real taboo that Dubai has a strongest sex filter for internet but they are not filtering escort sites:) you know everyone wants to make sure his business client’s ease and relaxation may be that’s government is ignoring these websites. Every girl supplier starts developing his websites who arrived at Dubai with some girls and interesting point here is they never contract any Dubai national web developer for that because this is illega!!!!


Escorts sites web development contracts are mostly given to Indian and Pakistani web developers who always seems to willing for all kind of job as both of these countries have talent and poverty. It simply means you can hire a good web designer / developer with a very low amount of budget. These escort site owners have permanent contracts with developer for search engine optimization of these websites towards Dubai Search engines like google and yahoo. They know that when tourist tries to find out a girl he mostly uses internet search. If you write some keywords like best escort girls in Dubai, beautiful indian girls in dubai you will see thousands of websites offering you thousands of girls right at your doorstep.


Just have a look from some of these websites and you will be surprised they are showcasing their girls like any European countries porn websites.









Youtube and other social media is also a big source to spread it out in Dubai

These SEO masters are posting lots of movies attracting people with large sexy posing styles of these girls (prostitutes) with songs. They use traffic exchange systems to bring these videos on top of youtube as soon as they reached on top for any search keywords, Site owners start getting emails of people asking about the rates if girls:).


There are lots of other methods they use to promote their websites like free ads posting websites, facebook, twitter those who don’t want a professional website use wordpress, tumblr, hubpages and blogspot like websites.


If we conclude all of this stuff, Its alright to let prostitution go through its natural way as I am 100% agreed that this business can not be wind up fully but a Muslim state like Dubai who is also rich and have unleash importance as a seaport it’s not a good way of govern to let this kind of business grow just for the sake of more business or to make tourists more happy so that they will come again and again. This kind of boost has almost converted Dubai like Thailand where people mostly go for sex. 


This issue should be addresses immediately as I can see that almost every hotel in Dubai has a night club full of dancers and escort girls with Alcohol. This is not like a Muslim State. Government has full sources and power to cope this sex industry in months at least they can discourage visas facilities to such groups who just come Dubai to start their night clubs, massage parlors or brothels otherwise all of this will be out of control and at the end young generation of Dubai will fell in to this blind well where no one will be able to get them out.


They should think about it… 

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