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Burning Christian’s Homes! Listen What World Is Talking About Us

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Yesterday In the hunt for an alleged blasphemer, thousands of angry Muslims attacked a Christians’ colony and burned more than 200 homes. Police was on time there but as usual act like vultures.

It is to be said that a young man named “Savan Bubby” made alleged blasphemy. It started at 01:00 PM and ended at night. Crowd could not find “Savan” but they got his father “Chaman Masih” and thrashed him black and blue. Mob started throwing bricks and some of them even tried to burn the entire locality, the inhabitants of the houses including women and children managed to flee to safety. The attackers also damaged vehicle of a Christian pastor who reached there to learn facts. He was successful in running away.


I am feeling speechless while writing on this but this is a fact that being a stressed nation we have started behaving like animals. All of us love our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) and can never listen anything, Any verse, Any sound against his dignity and character there is no doubt about it but what is happening here in Pakistan is really weird enough to be afraid as anyone can use this blasphemy law anytime for any of his bad purpose to take revenge against any minority. This is a point where we need to think about what the hell is happening around us. In this post I am trying to show you what I see being a Muslim, Human and a Pakistani…

First of all let me show you some images regarding this issue so you can understand what I am talking about. Just watch the impressions and expressions of the mob involved in this crap.













Video Content of Riots.



while I was researching for this article content I involved in an eye opening debate which was streaming at sunnewsnetwork famous Canadian Media Network comments box (Not directly access able from Pakistan You can view real time line on this link via some proxy or hot spot like tools).

Read it and see what western media telling their people and what they are thinking and talking about us after getting this news.

I tried my best to tell them what actually happened there but… here is what happened there. I have highlighted positive comments in green and negatives in yellow to make it easy for you to read this stream in a fast way.





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