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It gets very tough to choose when its about to find or choose best affordable hotel for your family before going to Dubai. I am going to share my personal experience at Hotel Moscow so that you can get a clear picture about hoteling in Dubai

First of all I am not an agent of any hotel as I don’t write commercial paid reviews. The reason why I am writing this post is I just want to share my personal experience so that people are trying to search best and affordable hotel can decide better where to go with their families. 


I was experienced to visit Dubai for 7 days at first January 2013. As other people do I started searching affordable hotels on internet before 3 days of my arrival at Dubai. That was a frustrated experience as many websites offers you to select affordable hotels online but the fact is that you will see most of the hotels lie about facilities they promise to provide you. One more kind of hotels you will find try to hide out their expenses. They don’t tell you what actually they will charge you at the spot. All of my search was wrapped in luxurious lies which actually never exists, Glowing models, beautiful green lawns, Gentle staff, Smashing customer care and executive class rooms sometimes just to attract you.


90% of internet online hotel booking services are basically agents not real hotels. These agent websites place commercial advertisements of hotels and get commissions on each booking:).

After searching for couple of days I finally decided to go there without booking. I made a decision to find suite able hotel for me after landing there at Dubai. Thank God I was right!


Always keep in mind that when you arrived at any international airport you get lots of taxi drivers trying to catch you outside of airport. You should be a quick and sharp face reader to go with a nice man who will guide you towards the best place to stay but no need to trust anyone blindly…Just do what I did and of course what all frequent travelers do…I am not a frequent one”)

Anyways After selecting a nice guy with a BMW. I asked him to help me to find some good hotels and here it started…Naturally the first hotel where any taxi driver will guide you will be on their commission list:) I did not showed any interest in first 5 hotels which were also not as good as I was looking for some were too costly and some hotels were not from my kind.


Taxi driver was getting irritate with my search criteria:) and that is what I wanted him to be…And then at the end he said that I know only one more hotel please for God’s sake try to make your decision now. That was the moment when I saw Hotel Moscow first time and it got my heart in very first look. I will discuss some of key points who made it easy to select this hotel for me and I believe this will help you too.


Hotel Moscow Dubai.


I think the outside view of hotels before going in is the main point…It overall brings you the look and feel of building’s insight. Very tall hotel building like sky scrappers are not good kind of hotels because it feels like you are living in a well or something like a tunnel…I always prefer to select hotels with huge widths rather than heights as you can feel more natural in a home not in a plaza. If you look at the hotel moscow’s outside view it beautifully makes a balance of height and widths as well.


Main Entrance.


The main entrance is for me always first and last impression to check any hotel before staying there although its not the end factor. You can see it has a beautiful corporate feeling in real calm and stable envoirenment. Anyone love this kind of stuff…Now I will share some images of rooms and other stuff so that you can check your taste…After that we will discuss some qualities of service and their costs to make our final decision:).



Services beyond hospitality..

• Non smoking rooms available
• Shuttle bus from – to the airport as per the hotel schedule
• 24 hour foreign currency exchange at the front desk
• Beach access
• Gym, Sauna, Steam
• High Speed internet connection and wireless access
• Health spa & Beauty salon
• Spacious Pool
• 24 hour concierge services
• Multilingual staff proficient in English, Arabic, Hindi and French



Triple Room Video Review




Biggest reasons to stay at Hotel Moscow !

1. I have found this hotel is best suitable for you and especially this is the only good and affordable choice in case you are going with your family as I know they don’t allow prostitutes in their hotel rooms and it makes a great sense to ensure their customer a clean envoirenment safe for their family and children.


2. They are always ready to go out of the way to maintain customer support like if you have to increase your stay out of the plan, They co-operate in a real kind manner. Its my personal experience on reception counter where staff was so kind and friendly all time.


3. I think always they offer free breakfast during your stay at hotel which in my opinion is a great facility and I enjoyed their lovely food a lot. Style of presentation and taste was truly awesome.


4. Room service is lightening quick which I hardly seen even in big hotels sometimes they loose their speed and effectiveness when you ask for a tea at 3 at night:) but In hotel Moscow that was always a pleasure to get tea on time. Same is with your laundry and cleaning…Seamless, quit and fast service when you get back to your room you always find it new:).


5. If you are alone you can enjoy very well managed Russian club where no teen crowd is allowed to irritate you. Just sit and relax while enjoying nice ladies and nice vodka’s:) Surely not for Muslim’s if you practice strict on Islam you can even enjoy music with out drink something bad!.


Simple Rate Comparison.

Alright now what about rates!!! Very affordable. I still remember it cost me about $150/- per day for a Tripple room which indeed is very affordable and near to cheap. How much you can save go get some cheaper and dirty hotels full of prostitutes:) maximum of $50??? You will just loose a corporate royal stay for that. I am not asking that this is the only lonely hotel in Dubai definitely there are many more but the main difference is where Hotel Moscow wins is that they are in the mid of corporate and cheap which called affordable and this is all everyone wants…right?


Hope this will help you a lot to find a good place for your.

For more information you can visit their official website here.

Once again…This post is just a customer’s testimonial nothing else.


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