20 Most Popular Politicians on Twitter

in Worldwide

Twitter is most famous and one of large social medias and it also called mini blogging site. Today we are going to see the most followed politicians on Twitter.



1. Barack Obama

Position: President of United States

Followers: 33.6 Million





2. Hugo Chávez Frías

Position: Former President of Venezuela (Deceased)

Followers: 4.1 Million





3. Arnold

Position: Former Governor of California

Followers: 2.8 Million





4. Rania Al Abdullah

Position: Queen of Jordan, as the wife of King Abdullah II

Followers: 2.8 Million





5. Al Gore

Position: Former Vice President of the United States

Followers: 2.6 Million





6. David Cameron

Position: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Followers: 2.3 Million





7. Shashi Tharoor

Position: Indian Minister of State for Human Resource Development

Followers: 1.8 Million





8. John McCain

Position: United States Senator

Followers: 1.8 Million





9. Mitt Romney

Position: Former Governor of Massachusetts

Followers: 1.5 Million





10. Newt Gingrich

Position: Former U.S. Representative

Followers: 1.4 Million





11. Cory Booker

Position: Mayor of Newark

Followers: 1.3 Million





12. Kevin Rudd

Position: Prime Minister of Australia

Followers: 1.2 Million





13. Gavin Newsom

Position: Lieutenant Governor of California

Followers: 1.2 Million





14. Sarah Brown

Position: Wife of Gordon Brown

Followers: 1.2 Million





15. Jose Serra

Position: Former São Paulo’s State Secretary for Economics and Planning

Followers: 1 Million





16. Jerry Brown

Position: Governor of California

Followers: 1 Million





17. Sarah Palin

Position: Former Governor of Alaska

Followers: 930K





18. Yukio Hatoyama

Position: Former Prime Minister of Japan

Followers: 603K





19. Nelson Mandela

Position: Former President of South Africa

Followers: 575K





20. Paul Ryan VP

Position: United States Representative

Followers: 519K



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