10 Tips To Get Perfect Looks On Camera

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Here are 10 tips to get perfect looks on camera which will make you chocolate personality on cameras. Definitely the next wave will self video wave because I am looking after the success of vine and instagram

Wear Clothing That Makes You Feel Good About Yourself


You can do fun with your wardrobe and do believe that it will reflects yourself. Just choose comfortable clothing which can show the real personality of “YOU”. Feel good for yourself it is a key and it will definitely show you.

Mom Was Right: Sit Up Straight


Camera shows everything which is in his views. If also reflects everything which do you want to show. If your presentation and body language will weak definitely you will lose your viewers interest. If you don’t want it actually then you have to show your intellegence and sharpness in front of camera and it is up to you.

Watch Your Body Language — Everyone Else Will


Weiss speaks from personal experience on this one. Throughout his first live television segment he was unaware of the fact that he was impulsively rubbing his leg to calm his nerves. Find a good place for your hands so they aren’t distracting to viewers.

Smile With Your Eyes


A warm and real smile can wonders you and across the viewers. But your can express everything about the smile rather it is real or not. So, you should do your eyes smiley.

Use Your Natural Voice

Some of us do the exercise to meet their voices their loved one news or TV anchors and they do at home. Hello, you are looking XXX News. Just leave this bad paractice and express yourself and your voice. People will love your real face and voice.

It’s How You Say It

You should really what you are saying and what do you want to say and what subject you have chosen before shooting. If you don’t care about this then you will lose your credibility and that is everything. That is the thing which do you want.



Look At The Camera



Don’t be afraid of lenase. It wan’t bit or even lick you. You just give a good look as you do your family at the end of the day. And don’t stare aroudn as you want to escap. And don’t blink your eyes excessively. You should normal with everything. Which will give a great feel definitely.

Keep It Moist



Dry mouth can be big enemy of you in front of camera. Just get a sip of water to get some moist and calm your nerves. You can do it with the break of water. This tip will definitely help you.




Don’t go in fron of camera full of nerves. Do everything to get you calm and relax listen music, go bathroom to talk to yourself, start jumping whatever you can do to get relax yourself. Just go in front of camera when you feel yourself relaxed.

Breathing Is Good



Breath is not only necessary for life but it also help you to be more relaxed. Just do deep breathes before going in front of camera and after that you have to breath normally. If you feel you are breathing rapidly then definitely it is time to give a break to yourself.

Hope, You will find this article helpful. If you have more suggestions then you can express them in comment box and it will appreciated.

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