15+ High Quality HD Widescreen Tilt-Shift Wallpapers Pack Free Download

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We have put together a collection of 18 cool tilt-shift wallpapers. Tilt-shift is an interesting type of photography that makes use of rotation and movement of the lens plane to make things look like miniatures.


Yacht Tilt-Shift





Waterfalls Tilt-Shift





Alley In The Forest





Village Tilt-Shift





Veracruz Tilt-Shift





Tokyo Tilt-Shift





Tilt-Shift Train





Tilt-Shift Meadow





Tilt-Shift Island





Tilt-Shift Cityscape





Serpentine Road





Real Models Port





Port Town





New York city Miniature





Mountain Houses





Michigan State University Stadium





Mcway Falls





Football Game




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