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In this rude world, every one of us facing depression, mental stress, sadness and work pressure. We are too much busy in our daily routine that we spend very short time on entertainment, relaxation and recreation.

It is very important that we must add a little humor to our every day life to avoid becoming insane. In this regard, in photography a subject with the name of humor photography is established to inducing laughter,pleasure, feelings of delight and amusement. In the same manner, you may see many photos of eggs that have funny comic faces on them or funny video clips. In this article, you will discover the finest  Best Humorous Photos which carefully selected and gathered to make your mood happier. Show these collections to your love ones to enjoy the happiest moments of life together.


Love is Blind


HaHaHa I Have Big Teeth




Only Me Mummy


I wana Fly


Traffic Signal for Animal


Hey Is Every Man is….


Boring Conversation


A Clam Meeting Place


Merry Christmas


Theft of Photo


Position 69






Wild Children


Angry Cat


Reality of Love


Animal Photographer


Fighter Plane


Angry Kid


Aeronautical Dog




Perfect Catch


New Hair Style


Love of Snake


A Love Instant


Talent by Birth


Bad World


Shy Cat


Hide & See


I am Back


Hey! Wait for Me


Face without Makeup


Here I am


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