Did You Know Your iPhone’s Are Being Tracked By the US?

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Only a while back Edward Snowden came out all clear about the activities of the National Security Agency (NSA). The US had been manipulating more than a few multinational companies’ databases to spy all around the world. Well, one of these companies happens to have their little gadgets in your homes too.

Your iPhone could be one of the leading medium of involuntary communication between you and the US!


Your Iphones are being tracked by US

How can this be possible? USA security agents sitting hundreds of miles away from an iPhone user manipulating his/her iPhone? Since the Apple Company strongly refuses any co-operation with the NSA to helping them spy their customers, it definitely is a matter of distant spying that comes in handy to US spies.


A well-established logic declares that radar wave devices are used to extract information from computers and other electronic devices likewise. Various radar systems are similarly being used to monitor your iPhones, getting all the information out of it and onto the screens of the US spy agents.


When it comes to spying, this certainly should not be surprising at all. New software developers have over the span of past years come up with simple software strategies to spy on mobile phones of people around you. These applications can be manually installed on the target mobile phone, be it an iPhone, Blackberry or just another Android smart phone, these let the purchaser stay on top of all the activity on these mobile phones. Companies like MobiEspion offer their mobile spy customers with various features that let them dig in as deep as the target’s text messages and planning calendars.


Moreover, live audio recording at any time and geographical tracking of the mobile phone user are just bonus features. If this combination of features can be offered by local spying companies, one can only wonder what the US spying agencies that have billions of dollars to spend on their projects, can do for their purpose of spying on iPhones. But of course, there is a difference of approach.


The mobile spying software being offered to customers in the application market is a voluntary act for a dear one or a close one in order to keep a watch for personal reasons. What ‘personal’ matter could the US government could possibly have with you and me in order to justify the spying techniques being applied on iPhone users all around the world.

USA is spying your Iphone

The NSA aims at breaking and getting through the hardware and software firewalls often put to use in mobile operating systems. Advanced Network Technology (ANT) is a renowned expert in the field of developing tools to infiltrate secure networks and environments. NSA is known to have to turn to this bunch of experts whenever their methods of spying on data worldwide fail to do it wonders.


ANT is known to search and look for loopholes in the manufacture of electronics designs by large companies like Dell and Huawei and these are then put to exploitation in their infiltration designs.


Of course the USA might not have any interest in our daily lives and affairs. Its sole purpose is to keep an upper hand on the functioning of the entire human race on the face of this earth as long as it benefits their standing as the super-power. Spying on its allies to ensure loyalty and its enemies to maintain security, however, might justify their strength of power at some level but given the recent leaks of its spying all over the world will certainly cause America to lose it integrity in the eyes of its enemies as well as its allies.


This Guest Contribution is from Ryan More Brand Manager at MobiEspion. He has been published in a variety of publications, including the insidetechtricksarchivesofdevelopment and technoparktoday.


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