Best 5 Unique Smartphone Chargers

in Technology

You can purchase here best 5 unique design smart phone chargers for you smartphones. You can buy all of them from amazon. Buy link is given below to the all chargers.

1.Hand Turbine Smartphone Charger

Charge your smartphone with a cool hand turbine, and it comes with a AM/FM weather alert radio too.

2.Camp Stove

Away from the electricity grid when out for camping? Charge your smartphone with this thermoelectric device as it turns heat to electricity.

3.Solarmonkey Adventurer

Here’s an award-winning solar charger, fit for adventurers.

4.WakaWaka POWER Smartphone Charger

A pocket sized solar charger for your smartphone, which comes with 40 hours of reading light.

5.Window Solar Charger

The sleekest window solar charger we’ve ever seen, so far.

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