Top 7 Most Useful Tools For Project Management

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These top 7 most useful tools or project management will give you ease in your work. Just check out which one is best for you and your work.




This is one project that allows for project efficiency especially for freelancers who face difficulties and need a tool to make it easy. It comes with great features that include a drag and drop feature. It’s dynamic Gantt chart display and advanced lay-outs are incredible not forgetting an efficient time and budget tracking system. It can be customized.



2. BaseCamp

BaseCamp is one of the most popular project management tools. With close to a decade of experience under its belt, BaseCamp features a clean and robust UI, allowing you to have a full view of all your projects, tools, files and collaborators, all in one page. Keep your workspace clutter-free, everything within reach, schedules and calendars updated and in sync, and constant access to team members even if they are halfway around the world. Pricing starts at $20/mth for 10 projects and 3GB storage. Power users may prefer to opt to get unlimited projects and 100 GB storage space for $150/mth. Each package include daily online backups and data encryption, and it is now available for the iPhone in the App Store. The mobile version of Basecamp is also optimized for Android, Windows Phone 7 and iOS tablets.




3. liquidplanner

This is another tool that has proves to be very effective in managing projects and teams doing a project. Users can integrate the many features and it allows users to access, manage all project divisions. It’s features include a drag and drop option, scheduling and time frame and are all displayed in one page making things easy.



4. Project Bubble

Sometimes it is challenging to successfully complete a client’s project within a certain time frame and with a fixed budget. Project Bubble can help with that by keeping track of your precious time and budget, while keeping it encrypted, and providing a great environment with simple features to better manage your team and collaborate with them. Free trial lasts for 15 days and if you decide that this it the management tool for you then you get to choose between three pricing packages, small ($24/mth), medium ($49/mth)and large ($99/mth). The tool also has an app for iPhone users as well as a mobile version for iPad and Android users.



5. Podio

Podio is a powerful tool that aims to help the users to manage projects, tasks, events and meetings. Alongside this tool you can handle recruitment matters of your future team members in a dedicated workspace. The interface is easy to use and provides features such as task management, instant messaging and integration with SkyDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox to help you better access your freelance projects. Podio is a litte different when it comes to pricing plans as it charges by user rather than by projects. You can start with a team of 5 for free, or pay $19 per user each month under the Podio Team pricing plan. Podio is available on iOS and Android.



6. ZohoProjects

ZohoProjects is a project management and planning software. It features a user-friendly interface with a dashboard that allows the users to plan, keep track, and analyze project development with flexibility. You can also sync your ZohoProjects account with Dropbox to have access to your files from everywhere. It also has support for up to 16 languages.



7. Clarizen

Clarizen is an award-winning project management tool. With Clarizen, you have the appropriate environment to collaborate with other freelancers and was built with exclusive features, such as, project roadmap functionality, project monitoring, resource management tools, and even success kits to help project managers be more efficient. It even has its own marketplace featuring add-ons and mobile apps that suit a variety of needs.



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