Top 7 And Best Beautiful iPhone 5 Waterproof Cases

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You will never want to face any bad incident with your iPhone 5. You can avoid these bad incidents with these top 7 and best beautiful iPhone 5 waterproof cases.



1. Liquipel

This one is not a waterproof case, but it is an invisible layer of waterproof coating made by nanotechnology that can cover the iPhone and make it waterproof! This coating can be done just once to make your phone waterproof for life! The best thing about it is that it won’t destroy the look of your phone, and you can flaunt its beauty while keeping it protected.

2. Survivor+Catalyst Waterproof Case

This case is one of the handiest waterproof cases available out there as it is quite easy to use. This transparent cover looks quite attractive and chic. It comes in some amazing and bright colors. It can keep your iPhone safe from water, even when submersed 10 feet in it! Thus it is perfect for people who wish to take their phone with them while they go swimming or surfing etc.




3. LifeProof fr? iPhone 5 Case

This one is the most amazing, lightest, thinnest, sleek and most natural looking iPhone 5 cover available in the market. Although it looks like a normal cover, but it is totally waterproof and thus provides waterproofing to your iPhone. It is not only waterproof, but it also dirt-proof, snow-proof and shock-proof! In short, it is an overall protective cover for your iPhone. It lets you use your phone exactly how you normally do thanks to its brilliant design.


It is a flexible and clear waterproof pouch that helps you keep your phone dry and clean. You can even submerge it into water without damaging it – thank to the airtight seal. It comes with an arm band which you can use for water sports. You can even take photographs while the phone is in it, without affecting the quality of photos as the cover is crystal clear.


5.Incipio Atlas

This case provides amazing protection to your phone against water, dirt, snow etc.  It has a glass screen protector that will keep your iPhone’s screen safe. It is perfect for people who are into extreme sports etc. It comes in many amazing colors so you can pick the one you like.




6.Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband

As the name suggests, this waterproof and protective cover for your smartphone comes with an attached armband. It provides protection from water for up to 12ft/3.6m underwater. This case it designed in such a way so as to keep minimal contact of the cell with your skin; thus allowing circulation of air while you are busy doing your extreme sports!




7.BeachBuoy iPhone 5 Waterproof Case

This one is not a case but a pouch. It provides protection to your phone against water as it uses a simple grip seal system to make it waterproof. It keeps the phone fully usable when under water. It can be easily hung around your neck too, so it is quite easy to carry too.



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