Top 5 Best & Free Antivirus Apps For iPhone 5

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No doubt iPhone is most expensive and valuable smart phone. When a person purchases these kinds of products then definitely he wants to secure it. In this post we will discuss some best and free antivirus apps for iPhone 5 and earlier versions.


1. Lookout Mobile Security for iPhone

Don’t lose your iPhone or iPad again! Lookout is the best way to protect your precious iOS device from data loss, theft and other threats that put your personal information at risk.





2. McAfee WaveSecure

McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) makes enterprise mobility secure, easy, and scalable. The solution simplifies connecting a user’s iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to existing enterprise IT services such as email, VPN and Wi-Fi access.





3. Norton Antivirus


Norton™ Mobile Security is a web-based service that helps you remotely locate your lost or stolen iPhones and iPads. You can also back up your contacts and easily restore them across your mobile devices. To use this free app you must have a current Norton Mobile Security subscription. Start protecting your devices today.





4. Anti-virus Detective


Anti-Virus Detective is a malware handling decision tree, providing a process flow for dealing with malware that your Anti-Virus program might miss.





5. VirusBarrier


Stop viruses and malware from passing through your iPhone or iPad and infecting your Mac or PC with this easy-to-use app from Intego, the Apple security leader. Using Intego’s award-winning VirusBarrier X6 technology, this app detects and eradicates threats before they can harm your home and business networks and computers.



As you know their many solution for security purpose but all of these are paid. We just share with you the best and free solutions. 🙂

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