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The introduction of home based businesses or online money making can be traced back to the year 1978. Over the years, Numerous home based businesses and freelance jobs have sprung up.

These businesses allow individuals to follow their own rules and work according to their own convenience. Since people who make money online are predominantly self employed, they have a lot more flexibility and freedom when it comes to working on a field of their choice and expertise. Another advantage is that the working hours can also be adjusted according to the requirements and preferences of the individual as well. While there are thousands of ways to earn money online, it is best to choose one which not only interests the individual but also has better earning prospects.


Start your blog now!



Blogging is top of the list for earning money online which is extremely popular. If one has a blog, They can use it to generate cash easily but no too easily. There are thousands of ad networks such as Google Adsense pay bloggers cartloads of money to place their advertisements on blogs which have a steady stream of traffic. By placing such ads on their sites, bloggers receive money every time their users click on the link of an ad. You can start your blog using some open source platforms like wordpress, blogspot, joomla and drupal. You need to have advance knowledge before starting your blog like Search Engine optimization, Web development skills, content writing, nice presence on social media and most important is patience as it will take time to be discovered.


You can start from here:


Sell your photographs


Another online business which has become extremely popular around the globe is photography. The biggest advantage is that one does not need to be a professional photographer and have all the top photographic equipments in order to be successful in selling photographs online. The simplest way of selling photographs just require a camera, a computer and an internet connection. With thousands of online auction sites available to photographers to sell their photographs in, one does not even need to own a proper website.

Check this list if you want to sell your photographs easily.



Work With Affiliates


Another top grosser in the online money making industry is affiliate product marketing. Selling or marketing products for affiliates refers to the process of advertising and selling various kinds of products from different companies online. A few of the most successful affiliate programs are run by Amazon and EBAY and the top marketers of these sites earn as much as $1 million a month.

Check out best affiliate networks.

Amazon Associate


Commission Junction

Google Affiliate





Write to get paid

For those with a flair for writing, the sky is the limit. One can start off as a simple article writer by writing for small time projects and blogs. While the pay may not be great initially, this process helps a writer to build his/ her portfolio. Over a period of time, as the writer develops a greater flair for writing, he/ she can venture into writing e-books, dedicated or sponsored content for websites, etc. Once the writer reaches this level, earning a good deal of regular income is never a problem.

Visit these sites for your content sale.


Be a virtual assistant


The huge rise in expenses and basic salaries for employees has led to major cost cutting methods being implemented by most companies. As a result, most small companies do not include secretaries or assistants. This is where the role played by a virtual assistant has become extremely popular. Virtual assistants allow companies to employ individuals on a project or need based basis which makes the set up extremely cost effective. It is also extremely beneficial for the individual as there never seems a shortage of work and one can earn as much as $20 per hour by just being a virtual assistant.

List of legitimate companies hiring virtual assistants.

Assistant Match

Axion Data Services

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting

Dion Data Services



Become an ebay!


One of the most evergreen and the most popular ways of making money online is E-Bay. People have been selling all kinds of products on EBay since ages and thousands have built flourishing careers by selling different products through the EBAY Website. The biggest advantage of using EBAY is that the site witnesses a huge amount of traffic from people across the globe and therefore the products that one sells on the site are easily accessible to millions of users across the globe. Secondly, use of EBAY is literally a guarantee of making some sort of transaction for your products.


Get in drop shipping



Drop Shipping is a very popular term for numerous home based businessmen and freelancers. It allows small time business owners to fulfill deliveries of products and complete orders without having to bother about the packaging, delivery or transport of the actual product. All these businesses or freelancers need to do is look after the marketing side of their business. When an order is received, they simply need to forward it to the warehouse or stockist who takes care of all the packaging and deliveries of the products.

check these top drop shipping companies.



worldwide brands

dropship access

sunrise wholesale

inventory source


Make web sites


Another great means of earning money online is by selling ones skills. There is a huge market for individuals who are good in designing of applications or programs which are needed for various gadgets such as mobile phones or computers. Moreover, with the ever growing dependence of mankind on such electronics always ensure that there is never a shortage of demand for people who have these skills.

You need to get advance knowledge in Html, Photoshop, Dream Weaer, Joomla / wordpress and php + SEO.


Be a domain trader



In the modern day every man, woman, child and their pets are said to be active on various social media websites. Similarly, almost every business and numerous individuals also need their own websites and web spaces. Having a website is considered to be one of the most basic necessities of any business in the modern world, irrespective of its size of operations. Thus, there is always a great demand for domain names which makes buying and selling of domains an extremely profitable business.


Get online tuition’s


The popularity of eTuitions or Online Tutors has been increasing tremendously. The availability and the demand of online tutors has improved over the years and all one needs to become an online tutor is good knowledge on a particular subject, a few hours every week and a computer with an internet connection. There are several online web sites such as e-tutor which enroll online tutors as well. Moreover, as one gains popularity as an online tutor, the money paid to them per hour keeps increasing and they can also conduct web seminars and lectures.

Be aware that these tips require technical expertise to get in the business but if you ask me then definitely selling online photography and be a domain trader is best of the best because you don’t need much knowledge to start with minimum efforts…hey I am not talking about experts:)


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