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One of the most popular social media websites present today is Facebook. There is a common saying that every man, woman, child and their dog has an account with Facebook.

The biggest feature of the social media website is that it boasts of an interface which is much more superior to most of its competitors and is also a lot more professional. Moreover, in terms of popularity amongst users around the globe, Facebook is second to none. Facebook has also become a way of life for most people and most users log onto the site on a daily basis to update the latest events in their lives, get in touch with friends or acquaintances or to  check out the latest happenings in the lives of their loved ones. However, the biggest drawback of the extremely popular social website is that it has extremely rigid and strict practices when it comes enforcing its policies. There have been thousands of accounts which have been banned from the site or disabled due to flouting of its norms. As a result, it is imperative that one clearly understands what not to do in order to ensure that their accounts are never banned.


The first norm of using Facebook is to never use it excessively

The biggest problem with Facebook is that it has numerous unwritten rules and set of guidelines which must be followed by its users at all times. The fastest and easiest way of getting banned from Facebook or getting one’s account disabled is by ensuring that one does not use their account excessively. It is called spamming, and there is not service provider who likes the spamming. And that’s why, Facebook also doesn’t like the spamming. So, you should avoid spamming. For example, if an individual sends excessive friend requests, posts numerous wall posts, sends numerous identical emails to different friends, pokes numerous individuals or even join numerous groups in a single session or a particular day, their accounts with Facebook can be disabled completely or banned.



Always ensure that you use your real name and date of birth

Another aspect that Facebook frowns upon is use of nicknames or pet names by users for their accounts. It is always wise to use one’s real name and Date of Birth in Facebook as there have been several cases where Facebook has banned its users from using the site due to use of pet names or fake names. It is not meant by that you have to over share your information. But it is only meant that you have to share your original name and date of birth. If you don’t do that you may face this error:


Create accounts for humans only

Another aspect that one should always remember is that Facebook solicits use of its space by individual human beings only. As a result, it cracks a whip severely on accounts which have been opened for an individual’s pet or for a group even if they exist in real life and are extremely popular. For creating accounts for groups or organizations, Facebook has a separate feature called Facebook pages which allows entities, groups or organizations to create their own space on Facebook.


Never create multiple accounts for a single user

Facebook clearly solicits the use of one Facebook account for each individual. As a result, it immediately shuts down or bans duplicate accounts from its site. There have been cases when Facebook has terminated all the accounts owned by a user due to duplicity of Facebook accounts. However, of late, Facebook has become much more understanding and deletes only the duplicate accounts rather than deleting all accounts for a particular user. You should know that Facebook system is very intelligent and it tracks your all I.P Addresses and your area whenever you login to any Facebook account. That’s why it’s easy to track your multiple accounts for Facebook. So, you should avoid these kinds of activities.



Never post material on Facebook which is copyrighted

There have been cases on Facebook where videos or pictures uploaded by users have been banned or deleted due to use of copyright material. Thus, it makes sense to ensure that one does  not post copyright material on the social network website as it will simply lead to their post being deleted. Moreover, multiple offenses of similar nature may also lead to the deletion of the account. It has been seen that some persons download others copyrighted content and upload with their names. This is totally illegal and this can be original cause to be block your Facebook account and black list your I.P address from Facebook. Yes, there is a way, You can share their original posts and this is safe way.


Never post explicit content on Facebook

Facebook is known to be extremely strict when it comes to users who post explicit content on their Facebook accounts. Not only does Facebook constantly monitor its site for users who post explicit content, it also allows other users to report accounts which have posted content which is explicit or offensive in nature. Facebook users can report a page or a post as abusive that can cause to deletion your post and moreover deletion of your own account. Upon finding such accounts, the user is normally provided with a first warning and their offensive post is deleted. However, if the offense is repeated by the user, it might lead to his/ her account being banned from the social networking website.


Ensure that you do not use your personal Facebook page to market your products

While Facebook allows users to display their profession and areas of work and even do business through it, it frowns down users who advertize their products using their personal pages on Facebook. Excessive advertising on a personal page another simple way of getting one’s account deleted. Thus, if one wants to advertise their products via Facebook on a proper scale, it is always best to contact the administrators and advertise the products through proper channels. If Facebook get sympathy on you can only blocks the web address that you are posting and it can be a big loss for you and your company website.


Ensure that the cover photo that you use is up to the mark

Another aspect that users, especially entities and businesses, must consider while using Facebook is the cover photo that is uploaded by them. Facebook does not allow the use of any copyright content and thus choosing the wrong picture may lead to the account of the business or entity being deleted. As a result, it is always beneficial to choose the cover page wisely.


Do not send repeated friend requests to an individual once they turn you down

There have been numerous cases when users have gone out and tried to connect with old acquaintances or friends and have sent friend requests. However, for some reason or the other these friends have declined the friend request. In such cases, it is always wise to not send multiple or repetitive friend requests as Facebook calls it spamming. Moreover, due to the extremely strict anti spamming policies of Facebook it is always wise to ensure that you stay away from such practices rather than getting your account banned. The best solution in such a case would be to send an email to the friend re-introducing yourself and hope that they add you as a friend.


Ensure that your comment is not irrelevant

It has been seen many times that many Facebook users has been blocked by their irrelevant or inappropriate comments. If any comment marked as spam by post owner then a report generated and sent to the Facebook officials. So avoid irrelevant comment postings. And you may face these errors after that:


Most bad practices

I have discussed every thing above and now I want to discuss specific bad practices which are made by most users which shouldn’t be done.

If a Facebook user keep hate emotions against any religious group then he went to make a page for this. And starts there hate speeches, hate postings, hate comments and hate videos. I think this practice is not appreciated in all over the world. So, Facebook is not separate from our world. You should avoid this bad practice if you are involve because if a campaign launched against your page that will be a cause of banning your page. And it is also keep your fans in bad condition.

If an accident occurs anywhere in your city and you find out a video relates to this accident. After that your first priority will be that you have to post this video on your timeline. This is pathetic because most people doesn’t like these kinds of videos.

If there is anything you are posting or sharing is against any intelligence or country may cause of blocking of your page and account and it can be more bad effects on your real life.


If you don’t care

If you don’t avoid above mistakes or take more interest in all of these or some of these then you should prepare yourself for blocking you account and you will see soon this message ….


It is possible that I missed some more facts. You can rise them in comment box below. I’m waiting for your response 🙂

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