Social Media Marketing Tips To Get More Traffic

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Every blogger or a professional website has lust for more and more traffic. I have found some more effective and useful social media marketing tips to get more traffic.


Internet publishing is competitive. If you want to stand a chance, you’ve got to know social media inside and out. And that doesn’t mean just understanding functionality and knowing the standard best practices. It means knowing the little tricks that social media pros use to get those extra page views and followers.


Here are some inside tips that can take your social media game to the next level.



Manage Your Twitter Account


Rapidly building a new follower base on Twitter can be very tricky if you don’t have the budget to officially promote your account or tweets. Even if your tweets are engaging and perfectly timed, you may only gain 10 or 15 new followers a week. Many publishers will want to see faster growth than that.


One of the quickest ways to gain new followers is to follow a bunch of followers of other Twitter accounts similar to your own. If I was starting a sports site, for example, I might follow a bunch of followers of ESPN in the hope that they’d follow me back once they saw that my account matched their interests. In general, about 20% of the people you follow will follow you back within 48 hours. So if you follow 1,000 new people, you’re likely to get 200 new followers.


The conundrum here is that Twitter accounts are often judged by their followers-to-following ratio. You don’t want to be following more people than are following you. Enter, a site that allows you to unfollow everyone who isn’t following you back with one click for free. That means that you can instantly unfollow the people who didn’t follow you back, and keep your Twitter ratio intact.



Keep Analysis of Your Followers


Publishers are pros at breaking down their Google Analytics to understand their audience, but often don’t extend the same due diligence to their social media audience. offers a deep (and free!) dive into your Twitter followers, revealing where they’re located, their profession, gender, likes/interests, and more. It provides great insight into how you should tailor your content to fit your socially-connected audience.



Facebook Postings


For all the promise that Timeline brought, the story preview that appears when you post a link on Facebook is pretty puny. The image is small, and the text is cramped.

If you really want to get noticed in fans’ news feeds, there’s a photo hack that will change your world.

First, upload a large, vibrant image that’s relevant to the story you want to post. (A horizontal image, preferably.)

Then, enter the text for the post – but don’t include a link to the story, since adding a link at this point will override the hack.

Publish the post.

Then, quickly edit the text of the post and add the link. Now, the large, vibrant image will dominate fans’ news feeds, and they’ll also see accompanying text with a link to the story. In many cases, your story will command five times as much news feed real estate, and you’ll see a large jump in traffic.



Make Useful Your Weekend


You may not want to spend the weekend posting on your social media accounts, but do take the time on Friday to schedule some weekend Tweets via Hootsuite or another social media management platform. According to a recent Salesforce Buddy Media data report, “Twitter engagement rates for brands are 17% higher on Saturday and Sunday compared to weekdays, but only 19% of all brand Tweets are published on the weekends.” This is a wide-open opportunity not to be missed.



Drive Your Followers


Until we all get computer chips implanted inside us, hacking your audience will have to be limited to the power of persuasion. But it works. If you want your followers to amplify your content with retweets, sometimes all you need to do is ask them to do so.

Tweets that ask followers to “RT” or “retweet” get 12 times more retweets than tweets that do not. If you actually write the whole word, “retweet,” that figure jumps to 23 times more retweets. Just be sure to keep your tweets short. Tweets less than 100 characters long receive 17% more engagement than longer tweets.


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