No Technology Is The Best Technology

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This is a fact that technology is making our life more convenient, reliable, enjoyable, healthier, wealthier and wiser. Technology and science inventing new theories and new things but it doesn’t affect the conventional wisdom.

Science gives us doom with self created visions and scientists secure it with more theories unrealistic theories to hide thecomplications in scientific vision. And these kinds of unhealthy thinking leads us to anxiety and prevent us to bright future and the power of understanding our own culture.


When I was younger, there was a way to communication. It was very beautiful and memorable. Do you know what? Yes, I am talking about the letters. I remember that when a letter arrives to my home from any relative. It also brings bundles of happiness for my whole family. Head of the family opens the envelope and unfold the letter and starts read it loudly. At that time every family member sits around the head of the family, and listens carefully and feels it from heart. We enjoyed that.

When technology grows up. Letters replaced by Landline phone. But it was acceptable because it doesn’t snatch the happiness. Landline phone connection was very expensive at the time when it was launched. A middle class family was no ability to bear the landline phone’s expenses. I remembered, only one or two telephones were available in whole village. When a person wants to talk with his family. He was forced to call the only telephone of whole village. And the Telephone owner announces in village that “Mr. XYZ has called, he wants to talk with his family, please come here at the first opportunity. He will call after 5 minutes.” When family received a call from their loved one, a person from the family starts talk. And then every family member string tied at his face. When he smiles slightly at any talk. Whole family going to laugh. It is not forgetable.

It is sorrowful, very sorrowful. It comes cheaper. And every middle class family chase it. Then it plays major role to dispursing the happiness. Then no call brings happiness. Nobody cares about the person who is calling? and why calling. 🙁


At final stage, every second person has a cell phone and every third person has a smart phone. It is very embrassing that a family member calls you but no one else know about this except you. And no happiness appears on your face. Hahhhhhh! It ruins our past. It ruins our happiness. It ruins everything.


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