Most Amazing Real Space Life Videos Of Astronauts

in Technology

Check out these mind blowing videos showing how astronauts live in zero gravity when they go out of the orbit. These smashing videos are captured by canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield who recently came back safely from his 5 months successful mission of ISS.


Chris Hadfield on how to clean up mess in space

Chris Hadfield sings ‘Space Oddity’ first song from space

Chris Hadfield shows what happens when we cry in space


Chris Hadfield Demonstrates How to Wring Out a Washcloth in Space


Chris Hadfield on how to handle a situation in space you didn’t train for

Chris Hadfield on eating astronaut ice cream in space


Chris Hadfield on how to get the directions where space station travels

Chris Hadfield on playing games in space

Chris Hadfield on how to brush your teeth in space


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