iPhone 5S Full Specifications And Features And Comparison With iPhone 5

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iPhone 5s is going to released on 10th September 2013. Read iPhone 5s full specifications, features and comparison with iPhone 5. I have gathered some secret and not yet published stuff which will show you the other face of this beautiful upcoming masterpiece of Apple.

First of all we will see

What’s new in iPhone 5S

We will see here is there any thing new or it is an upgrade version of iPhone 5. Just check out 😉

Fingerprint Reader


In beginning of this year we listen from many persons that apple is going to add fingerprint reader in his upcoming cell phone but right after that we listen a big critical noise that make me sure that it will not be in next phone. But now, we are hearing about the releasing of 5S news, with that we are also hearing the fingerprint reader is also added in it.

apple is using 1D for this purpose. It is cheaper solution and it is best for a conjusted place devices otherwise iPhone should must use a huge place for just fingerprint reader. There is another face of 1D that is speed of swiping finger. It is not pretty much good to set out yourself about the speed of swiping your finger.

apple is placing on home button which is bottom center position on the front side. Let see how much it will be easier to use.

Size of iPhone 5S

However we are listening the news that there is no change in the size of iPhone 5S. But here is another news which is iPhone 5S will 5% less thicker than iPhone 5. You can see this theory in video which you can see right at the bottom of this article.



apple will add 12 mega pixels camera in iPhone 5S. We have seen that there is 8 mega pixels camera in iPhone 5 and and 4G also.

If it is true then 12 mega pixels camera has ability to capture the slow motion video. I mean it may be capable to capture the 120 frames per second which is totally amazing thing in my opinion.

There is another thing that may be a good sign for iPhone lovers. apple has added dual LED-flash and f/2.0 lense.

CPU of upcoming apple phone

This is most important thing which can more smarter your smart phone. Leaked photos shows us that the processor which will use in iPhone 5S will not a simple upgrade of iPhone 5 as this was happen earlier. In iPhone 5 there was used A6 chip. Which was totally unimpressive dual core technology as 1.3GHZ processor. That is weaker than android’s phones. It is expected that A7 chip will be used in iPhone 5S and it is almost comparing 1.5 GHz processor and additionally this will be a quad core technology which is much better than earlier.

Display of iPhone 5S

We are listening that apple is going to use IGZO which is a new technology by Sharp. That is specially designed to high pixel density and great power consumption. Which all is necessary for a cell phone.


apple is revealing 5.92Whr unit battery in iPhone 5S that was 5.45Whr in iPhone 5. If we compare it neutrally then we can see this is not a big jump. But we have discussed about the display of iPhone 5S in which we have said a new technology will help to save the battery. It means this can be a big jump for iPhone.

Comparison Chart of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5:

iPhone 5S iPhone 5
Dimension 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm  123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm
Weight 5.45Whr  5.92Whr
Processor A6 Chip A7 Chip
Display Size 1136 x 640 1136 x 640
Camera 8 MP 12 MP
Additional Fingerprint ReaderDual LED Flash Light

Quad Core Processor


See What is Coming?

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