How To Use Firefox As Facebook App

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Now it is time to deep in touch with social network and Facebook is the biggest social network out there right now. Firefox has added Facebook messenger but you have to enable this option. If you want this option then go ahead to check out how to get it working?


Let’s start

Firefox added a new feature that keeps you in touch with your Facebook friends without open a new tab or window. As you know Facebook has 3 main buttons which function as “Friend Request”, “Messages” and “Notifications”.



These all of three options are included in this feature and more over these are alive. It has also another option online friend’s list which you ever see at the right side of your screen. It is also added in this feature and it show you all the time friends which are online or not without open a tab or window and more over you can also chat with them no matter which page you open that time. It is just for keeps you free from unnecessary navigation which definitely irritable.


Now, you have to click on this link Facebook integration in Firefox. This will open windows just like this.


how to use firefox as facebook app - blog of the world


You are seeing a green color “Turn On” Button. Just click on it. After that on right side a notification will appear written as “You’ve turned on Facebook Messenger” You have to just click on “OK”. Now you can see Facebook options at right side.


It has a demerit that it will reduce your browser’s width that is definitely a wrong side but you don’t have to worry here is another option which can give you more ease. I faced this problem at first time then I searched it at Google ” How to hide Facebook friends bar in Firefox“, but no solution I have found on this matter. But you are not alone here. Just check out.


Now, you have to just click on Facebook logo button. It is actually Facebook settings button. When you click on it a drop down list will appear in front of you in which an option will “Show sidebar”. Just uncheck it. You will see your problem has been solved.


Now enjoy Facebook without open Facebook page, tab or window.


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