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People commonly send and receive PDF files because they are the most convenient file formats for sharing papers, reports and all sorts of projects that we want to make sure will keep their formatting once opened on another computer.


Though sharing images with others in their original format is not as risky as sending a .docx file to someone who uses an older version of Windows, many people still opt to archive their images in PDF for the sake of saving space on their hard drive.


What happens when you go back to your archived PDFs and you want to make those images usable?


One of the things you can do is use neat software for extracting and converting PDFs into editable formats, such as Able2Extract PDF Converter. The tool converts PDF images into all major image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF. Most importantly, users can edit and customize their photos prior to conversion so that their output files are scaled according to their preferences. That means, users can choose desired image size, quality, resolution, GIF animation speed and even choose to have their photo in color or in black-and-white.


Extracting and editing PDF images using Able2Extract requires no advanced computer skills and anyone can easily do it, so amateur photo editing enthusiasts can benefit from the tool as well.



Firstly, open a PDF image you wish to turn into an editable format.




In the File menu select “All” or “Area”, depending on whether you want to choose the whole document, or you simply want to extract a selected range of pages and convert them into image files.




Click on “Image” in the File menu.




A box will appear that will allow you to customize your image.



As you can see, you can set the following preferences:

–          Destination directory (the default setting is the original file directory)

–          Image format

–          Image quality

–          Create HTML gallery

–          GIF animation speed (this options is activated by choosing to save your image as GIF)

–          Black and white

–          Image size (width and height) or DPI resolution


The final step is to click on the “Convert” button, and your image is ready for further editing in your favorite image or photo editor, or simply for sharing on social networks!


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