Hidden Secrets And Features Of Facebook

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Facebook is a largest and fastest growing social network. You can see the hidden secrets and hidden features of Facebook which will definitely amaze you.


Who is online?

This service is not directly providing by Facebook team. It is just an app which can help you to see which one of your friend is manipulate you? You have to visit OnlineNow page. After that you will receive a message that will ask you for permission to access your public profile. Just allow it and then enjoy and see secretly which one of your friend is online which shown in your chat box as offline.





Write Upside down

Did you experience ever this text (ʇxǝʇ uʍop ǝpıs d∩). Surprised! you can do same with your Facebook friends with Up Side Down Text app. Just write here and copy this text from given below box and paste it any where.





Use Firefox as Facebook Messenger

You can use your fire fox as Facebook messenger with lot of options even your friends list at the right side. If you want to learn completely about it just read out this article: How To Use Firefox As Facebook App




Forward your chat / conversation

Did you know that you can forward all or some of chat or conversation with anyone to anyone. Yes, it is possible. Just go to your messages and then see upper left corner where a button with gear icon “Action” placed. Click on it and in drop down list you have to click on Forward messages. This Facebook feature didn’t squeeze your limits, I mean you can send it to any email address also.





Buy credits without money

Are you worried about the new level of PacMan game which is locked because you don’t have enough balance or credits to unlock it. Don’t I have a great solution for you. Just click on the Payment tab and then payment method. Here you can see the options Paypal, Mobile balance and earn credits then click on OK button. A new pop-up is in front of you. Just complete the job and earn credits without open your wallet. You can also convert your Bing Rewards to Facebook Credits.





How to see limited profiles?

Sometimes we face limited profiles, we don’t like this, even I don’t like this. If you want to see any limited profile just message her/him. If he replies you then you can easily see his / her profile otherwise it’s your destiny.




Send free SMS in all over the world

you can send message in all over the world free of cost. This amazing services is providing by an app and this is very fast you can just receive message within 3 or 4 seconds. Just follow the instructions below:

1.  Login to your account.

2.  Click on Facebook Chat Application

3.  Select your country.

4. Write number and text and send it.



* Only 100 characters are allowed per message.

* 4 messages are allowed per day.

* Don’t use this service for illegal activities because your name will appear in message in the top of the message.





Watch online TV stream

You can use this service totally free. Here is a lot of options of international channels and speed is also very good. Which can also run on 2G connection. Visit this link for this amazing service. Facebook Online TV Stream


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