Most Useful Hidden Features Of iOS 7 You Should Must Know

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No doubt iOS 7 is a great operating system in smart phone’s world. Then it is going to be more important when you will read this article. Just check out 10 hidden features of iOS 7.


Apple released iOS 7 recently, bringing more than a handful of new features to iPhones, iPads and iPod touches along with a complete overhaul of UI. Apple claims there are “over 200” new features in its new OS and by now you’ve probably heard all about the big changes. With so many added features, tweaks and improvements to Apple’s mobile operating system many inclusions seem to have gone by unannounced.


As exciting as every new major iOS release is, there’s just as much, if not more excitement in finding the little things that no one knows about. So here we present to you, our list of 10 great ad our favorite hidden features of iOS 7.


Most Useful Hidden Features Of iOS 7 You Should Must Know


Focusing Photos with Volume Buttons

There are good chances that you heard about the ability to take square-size pictures and add filters to your pictures in iOS 7, but did you know that you can now also press on the iPhone’s volume down button to quickly focus the camera and take a picture? You can also hold down the volume buttons to quickly shoot a burst of photos.



Choose which apps can run in the background

In iOS 7, apps can now operate more freely in the background. However, if too many apps are running in the background, it can impact your battery life. You can toggle every app that’s capable of running in the background in Settings>General>Background App Refresh.


You can select which individual apps can or cannot refresh their data.



Night Mode for Maps

Sometimes you don’t want a bright white screen in your face, like when you’re driving somewhere at night. Apple’s maps app automatically adjusts based on the time and provides you with a darker interface so you don’t blind yourself while driving. You get this feature whether you like it or not, so there’s no need to figure out how to turn it on.



Message provides time stamps

One of the most annoying things about previous version of iOS is that you couldn’t see a time stamp for eah text message you sent or received. The messages app would show you a time stamp for some but not all messages. That’s been fixed.


Just swipe on over from the right side fo any conversation and you’ll see when each message came in.



Increased Flatness

By default in iOS 7, you wallpaper, icons and labels will float and shift around as you move your phone. It’s a neat effect, but for anyone that doesn’t like apple’s new-found love of depth, there’s a way out of the parallax.


Nestled inside the accessibility menu, the cryptically named “Reduce Motion” toggle will switch off the depth effects on your home screen.



Siri  can learn to pronounce better

People with an unusual name or with friends having rare surnames, might have probably laughed at Siri’s innate inability to pronounced words aren’t in the dictionary. Now you can call out when words are mispronounced and train Siri to say them correctly.


Simply say “that’s not how pronounce that and it will ask you how to actually say it.”



Make the text larger and bolder

Apple’s made text a lot prettier in iOS 7, but the visual enhancements come at the expense of legibility.


iOS 7 has a few settings to help you make things easier to read. To increase or decrease the default size of text, head to Settings>General>Text Size and adjust the slider bar. If that isn’t enough, there are a few more things you can try. You can Bold text by going to Settings>General>Accessibility. This menu also has a feature called increase contrast that will make menus easier to read.



Bubble Level

Got a few crooked picture frames? The built-in compass app now has a secret second page with a spirit level. Just line it up against the wall until you get a balanced zero degrees and then you’ll know you’re hanging things straight.


You’ll never have a crooked painting on the wall again.



Block calls and messages

Harassment sucks in any form and we’re very happy to see apple finally taking measure to stop it. You can block any unwanted call or message in iOS 7. Simply go to your phone app, find the contact, scroll to bottom an tap on “block this caller.” This will prevent you from receiving their calls, messages and FaceTime requests. You can also block someone who’s not in your contacts if they’ve recently called or texted you.


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