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Each annual release of a new FIFA iteration is a bittersweet event. The FIFA series has evolved substantially over the last few years, and with evolution comes tweaks and modifications that sometime greatly improve the game, and sometimes those tweaks break a mechanic that was already working perfectly fine.


FIFA 14 is no exception to this rule, and while it does take a significant step forward in some areas, it takes a step back in others.

Good changes from past years:

1.Offensive AI: Players make intelligent runs that offer a bevy of attacking options

2. Defensive AI: The physical interactions between defenders and forwards are much more realistic. Gone are the days of simply running past or around defenders with Theo Walcott or Welliton (cursed be his name). Defenders block forwards and position themselves to make tackles before the forwards can really build up speed. Most of the time.

3. Shielding the ball: Finally, you can pass the ball to a teammate and the player can shield the ball and maintain possession. Players in possession of the ball fight harder to maintain possession.

4. Player movement and acceleration: Here’s a topic of debate, but I honestly feel that EA made the right call to change up how this works from past years. The first few steps a player takes are slow; players don’t take one step to reach full sprint speed like in FIFA 13. Slowing down player acceleration definitely reduces the fluidity of the game, which will certainly take some getting used to.


Fifa 14 All New Game Play Trailer:

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