Best Twitter Accounts For Tech Lovers

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You can be more attach with your loved one field with twitter. In this post we will share with you the top and best 20 twitter accounts for tech lovers.


David Pogue

Tech Columnist at the New York Times: Pogue is serious about smartphones but also extremely silly, and his tweets offer a glimpse into his wacky mind.





Om Malik

Founder of GigaOM and Venture Partner at True Ventures: Malik is a highly regarded veteran of the digital revolution. He has reported on and invested in myriad tech giants since the early 90s. If Silicon Valley had a secret high council, he’d be on it.





Gabe Rivera

Founder of TechMeme: As the founder of TechMeme, Rivera knows the top stories, and he tweets with comic genius.





Jack Dorsey

Co-Founder of Twitter and CEO of Square: He’s sharp and funny and — c’mon — he invented Twitter!





Jenna Wortham ♥

Tech Reporter at the New York Times: Wortham tweets about tech with sass and class. You’ll be addicted to her tweets in a week.





Anupreeta Das

Mergers and Acquisitions Reporter at the Wall Street Journal: If you want to be among the first to hear about the next big M&A deal, you follow Preeta.





Jonah Peretti

Co-Founder of BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post: He’s the meme whisperer and offers unique insights into the tech world.





Nick Denton

Founder of Gawker Media: Hate him or love him, Gawker’s controversial founder spices up your feed and curates the best Gizmodo stories.





Yahoo Board

Long one of the best parody accounts on the web, Yahoo Board has a newfound relevance now that Marissa Mayer has come to try and save the struggling tech giant.





Arianna Huffington

President and Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post Media Group: Even if you find Arianna’s HuffPo editorials a bit long-winded, you’ll love her one-liners on Twitter. She’s the Queen Bee of media. You might not want to sit at her lunch table, but you want to stay within earshot.





Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore and Executive Producer of MobileNations:Apple lets out fewer secrets than North Korea. When any Apple news escapes Tim Cook’s stranglehold, it’s usually thanks to Ritchie. When he isn’t breaking stories, Ritchie provides strong analysis on the future of Apple.





David Tisch

Founder and Managing Director of TechStars NYC and an Angel Investor through BoxGroup: Tisch has been gallivanting around the world all summer, but when he’s in New York, he monitors the pulse of the red hot New York startup scene.





Ben Lerer

Co-Founder of Thrillist and Partner at Lerer Ventures: Ben is possibly the funniest techie on Twitter.





michael lazerow

CEO and Founder of Buddy Media,, U-Wire/Student Advantage, and Lazerow Consulting: Lazerow is the type of CEO who will talk to anyone on Twitter. He’s smart and witty, and everyone is talking about the Fear Video he posted after selling Buddy Media to SalesForce.





Sarah Livingston

Manager of Digital Marketing at Seamless: There’s not a lot of humor in ad tech, but Sarah Livingston is doing her best to change that.





Fred Wilson

VC and Principal of Union Square Ventures: Wilson is the godfather of the New York Tech scene and his blog — — is a must-read. He’s not afraid to get chippy and throw some punches on Twitter.





chris dixon

Co-Founder of Hunch and Founder Collective: If Fred Wilson is the Don Vito of NY Tech, Chris Dixon is Michael Corleone. Following him on Twitter is like having your own startup mentor.





Aaron Levie

Co-Founder and CEO of Box: Levie’s tweets are creative, insightful, and occasionally insane. His bio warns, “I don’t fully endorse anything I say below.” He’ll make you want to found a startup.





Eric Jackson

Founder of Ironfire Capital: A major hedgefund player, Jackson will chat up almost anyone in the tech world on Twitter. Listening in is a ton of fun.



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