Was iPhone 5C A Successful Idea For Future Of Apple

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Apple has released two models of iPhone in the month of September 2013 which are iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Did you think iPhone 5C is a good experiment for apple?

Since Apple released two new iPhones in September — the 5S and the 5C — they’ve sold more than nine million phones. But does that figure attest to the success of the 5C, the cheaper, less innovative iPhone of the bunch? Not necessarily.

While Apple has not yet released how many iPhone 5S phones were sold compared to the 5C, estimates from analytics and marketing firm Localytics claim that for every iPhone 5C sold, three and a half 5S phones were sold. That’s a significant difference, but it also doesn’t tell the whole story. That’s because those estimates and numbers are based on the U.S. market.

Was iPhone 5C A Successful Idea In Future Of Apple

Will the iPhone 5C open new overseas markets to Apple?

What will really matter for the consumer technology giant and the iPhone 5C is how well it does in the overseas markets. If Apple successfully gets new users to adopt the 5C, they’ll be opening a new market: more affordable phones that people want. Because when it comes down to it, pricing matters.

Overseas, the 5C runs about $100 less than the 5S ($549 to $649, without wireless contract). With a wireless contract in the United States, customers can purchase a 16GB phone for $99, and 32GB for $199, which is more than reasonable in today’s market. You can buy it from amazon.com

Especially overseas, this can be a significant difference and finally take away some market share from the low-cost Android market, especially in difficult to break into markets like India and China. But whether Apple has successfully done this is yet to be seen, as official overseas numbers won’t be released until the end of October.

Was iPhone 5C A Successful Idea In Future Of Apple

Other successes for the iPhone 5C:

Some critics though have jokingly said that the ‘C’ in 5C stands for “cheap,” in part due to the cheap polycarbonate plastic exterior, but that would be a harsh assessment of a decent phone. It’d be more accurate to say that as redesigns go, it’s not much of a redesign, but then again, that’s not the point of the 5C.

The 5C has been described as very similar to the iPhone 5, but that it comes in five different bright colors. While the range of color choices may just be fluff, other customary improvements were made as well, including a slightly better front-facing camera as well as, of course, the iOS7 operating system (which also can now be downloaded to the recent 4, 4S, and 5 models as well).

The design itself is a bit sleeker. When the 5C is in your pocket, you can determine what the front and what’s the back of your phone, simply because the back edges are curved. The battery life on the iPhone 5C is also significantly better than the 5, but that means that the battery it is bigger, and slightly bulkier. But is this much of a deterrent for those who want an iPhone at a cheaper price point? Not really.

In fact, the 5C also has the benefit of attracting new customers in the U.S. market too, including ones that have never used Smartphone before. These are the customers that don’t care much for a lot of storage space, but do like the feel and simplicity of the iPhone.

The 5C may not be making any drastic changes to the way iPhones work — unlike the innovative 5S with its fingerprint sensor — but as a better value for a Smartphone, Apple succeeded, hands down.

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