Amazing Google Search Tricks You May Not Know

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Google is king of internet world. Our every wish of search for anything leads us to Google. That’s why you should must know amazing Google search tips and tricks.


Since 1997 Google is an essential part of our Internet life and it’s probably the first website we visit each day. Google finds answers for over 1 billion searches a day. It handles all kinds of requests from text to voice and image searches. It seems that we know search at like the back of our hand. But still, there are a few tricks that can help you squeeze the most of this search giant and may be unknown to you before.


Google Image Search

This Google innovation is related to image search. Now you do not have to search using solely descriptive phrases. Grab a picture, upload it via Chrome or Firefox and see the results. For instance, you can shoot a monument on vacation and find later what it is on the web.





Google Voice Search

10 years ago Google understood only text searches. Now you can use voice search in Chrome browser. Hit the microphone button and say what you need. Voice search saves time on typing your search requests and let you surf the web faster.





Google Cache

Sometimes you need to find an old version of content on a site or a blog post that was deleted. Google may help you with it. Enter a search term or an article title, roll your mouse over the instant site preview and click the “Cached” link next to the site you want.


Search example: see weather London on


Google Cache




Google Translate

Google speaks many languages. Take advantage of Google translate power to assist you with a simple phrase translation. Enter in the search box translate, your word and the translation language. Voila, you will get the translation immediately.


Search example: type translate video converter to French


Google Translate




Currency Converter – Google Finance

Plan to go to Jamaica or Sweden? Do you need to calculate your vacation budget in advance? Try Google to count your expenses. Input a sum in your currency and add the desired currency name. Google will show you exchange rate on the top of search results.





Google Weather Search

Google can easily replace any weather channel. Just go to, enter the word “weather” and your location or a city you plan to visit. Google will show weather forecast for several days.



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