3 Best Free Antivirus Software Update November 2013

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3 best free antivirus softwares 2013


Check out these 3 most famous, best and free antivirus softwares for windows to make your computer safe while working offline or browsing internet without slowing down your machine.

There are an endless number of threats in the digital world. Hackers, scammers, identity thieves and governments are after your information. Trying to keep it secure can seem overwhelming. That’s why you need to start with the fundamentals.

I’m talking about strong, up-to-date security software. There are a number of excellent free options available. Here are three of my favorites.

AVG AntiVirus Free Edition – AVG is consistently one of the top-rated antivirus programs around. It scores just as well, sometimes better, than paid programs in security tests. It features real-time virus and spyware protection, along with powerful malware detection systems. An optional browser toolbar blocks ad tracking and warns you about sites with low reputations. The major drawback is the interface, which is geared toward more-advanced computer users. Less-savvy users might find it intimidating.

Avast! Free Antivirus – Avast! is another top-rated free security program. As with AVG, the free version blocks viruses and spyware automatically, and it has a good detection rate. Plus, it works on both PCs and Macs. The interface is more user-friendly, so this might be a better option for the casual user.

Malwarebytes – No matter how good your antivirus is, it’s going to miss something. There are just too many threats out there for one program to handle. That’s why I recommend adding Malwarebytes to your security toolbox.

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