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Amazing, beautiful and memorable designs of cultural Turkish rugs and carpets. If you have decided to purchase any carpet then I will suggest you to buy Turkish design.


Turkish carpet


Turkish rugs and carpets are amongst the most popular hand crafted art works available in the world. They are either flat woven or hand knotted and they are called as Kilim, Cicim, Soumak and Zili. The many ethnic groups and tribal people in Turkey and Central Asia have been making these rugs and carpets continuing their artistic inspiration and fulfilling utilitarian needs, created by the cultural, socio-political, religious, environmental and socioeconomic conditions prevailing in these regions historically. The Turkish carpets and rugs originated in the traditions of the nomadic Turkic people but they developed with a more highly  sophisticated urban aspect during the Seljuk medieval period. They were produced by the commissions of the court for export in large workshops. The many design styles of these carpets and rugs reached peak of popularity probably in the early Ottoman Empire.


Most of the modern production of Turkish carpets and rugs, especially those that are exported, still look back to the design styles developed during that period. They are also known as Anatolian rugs and carpets. The wide range of many distinct styles of designs of these carpets and rugs has originated from the different regions of Anatolia. The major differentiations between various styles can be observed in the materials used for the carpets and the rugs, the method of construction, the cultural identity, the geography, the patterns and motifs, and intended use. Marco Polo, the globe-trotting explorer, merchant traveller and writer from Venice was the first person to mention Anatolian carpets in 1272. He specially mentioned the ‘Beautiful rugs of Karaman and Konya”.


The Seljuk carpets and rugs are characterized by stylized and geometric floriated motifs known as guls that appear in repeating rows. The border patterns are of Kufic style inscriptions. The modern history of Turkish rugs and carpets started in the nineteenth century when large workshop productions and cottage industry flourished in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran and Central Asia. Turks were nomads, pastoral people, agrarians and town dwellers. Whether they lived in tents or large house in bigger cities, the temperature fluctuations were quite severe between day and night as well as between summer and winter. They protected themselves from extreme cold weathers by covering their floors, walls and doorways with rugs and carpets. Most of the carpets were hand made from woolen materials but cotton and occasional silk materials also formed part of these rugs and carpets.


The woolen carpets and rugs are natural barriers that offer protection against cold. Even now, people all over the world use the Turkish carpets and rugs, known as kilims and pile rugs, as ground cushions, sofa covers, cushion and bed covers, tent decorations, camel and donkey bags, oven covers, eating blankets, general blankets, prayer rugs, table top spreads and for certain ceremonial occasions. The Kurds, Turkomen, Yahyali, Yoruk and other tribal groups living throughout Turkey weave these rugs that are sought after globally.


Turkish carpets and rugs are easily distinguishable from other major carpet and rug weaving groups, such as Caucasian carpets or Persian rugs and carpets. The double knots and the designs and colour schemes that the Turkish weavers use are easily recognizable, even though several variations exist from one province to another within the country. They have maintained their special identities, which reflect a strong, colourful and diverse yet artistic nation. The Usak carpets have faded elegance and palette, while the Eastern Anatolian rugs have colorful and bold design motifs.



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