Most Harmful Common Household Products

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Some very common but most harmful household products which you need to through out of your window as soon as possible.

Everyone should have his first priority to keep his house clean from unhealthy things. Instead of that we use many things of this kind that can severe for our health and we happily purchase them and fill up our shopping trolleys with them. These things can affect our skin, Mucous Membrane and our other physical systems. Let us tell you these kinds of ten dangerous home products that can be destroy our health unconsciously.


All-Purpose Cleaners

Mixtures that we use for cleansing purpose for different things and other All-Purpose cleaners keep MEA, DEA and TEA chemicals and when they mixed with other things then it produce Nitrosamines. Than can cause of cancer. Modern researches are also proved that MEA, DEA and TEA are also cause of itch. It can also damage our respiratory tract and it also can cause of asthma. You can produce yourself a homemade cleaner than can’t be unhealthy. Easiest formula is that you can mix distilled vinegar in water this can be use simply and where the spots are fast then you can use for these spots baking soda.

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Air Freshener

Air freshener have phthalates chemical either it is in shape or spray or a plug. This chemical can disturb hormones system. Especially it can be more dangerous for children and infinites. When we spray out air freshener it enters from our breath and pores to our body and includes in blood circulation. Many air fresheners also keep Formaldehyde and an environmental agency declares it as female cause of cancer.

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Aluminum cane

Consumers that are more careful about their health avoid using polycarbonate bottles. That keeps biphenyl A. biphenyl A is a thing that medical research has proved that it is harmful for Hormone system. It is also used in Epoxy Resins that is used to paste the internal surface of BPA food canes, soup canes and juice canes and with the use of BPA its ratio increased in body and it doesn’t out easily. If you want to avoid it then you can use things that are saved in glass jars or you can prefer BPA free containers.

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Mouth Wash

Many mouth washes that are available in market keep triclosan. It is chlorine mixed mixture that used as an antibiotic. Christina youngren a specialist of natural therapy belongs to San Francisco saying that triclosan and similar of that like trichlocarben can also be cause of itchy skin, allergy and disturbance in hormone. If it will be used for a long time then it will increase its ratio in body. Youngren suggests to consumer that they should purchase triclosan free products for mouth and those includes antibiotic like citric acid.

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Toilet Bowl Deodorizers

In toilet we often use the perfumed and evaporated mixed packets for good environment. With this we found the purpose but toilet bowl deodorizers keep P-dichlorobenzene. It is chlorine mixed organic compound that also used in anti-mosquitoes and other repellents. As the National Pesticide Information Center exposed at office or at home if people live in Para dichlorobenzene for long time then they can feel fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting and with the weight loosing decontrol of antics, arms and weakness in legs and difficulty in pronunciation of words. If we inhale this mixture compound then we can feel irritation in eye, nose and on skin.

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Silver polish

However it has been decrease the use of silver vessels, spoons and forks in several houses but with the price increasing of gold it has been increased and to keep up these silver vessels beauty silver polish is used normally. These silver polishes have thiourea that cleans the dirt but it can produce cancer cells. Another research expose that thiourea can also cause of dermatitis and it also can be cause of decrease of thyroxin hormone. Thyroids don’t allow decreasing thyroxin because they can’t work properly without and with the little amount of thyroxine and it also can cause of hypothyroidism. There are more polishes are available in market that are made with natural ingredients. So, use them for good health.

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Window Cleaner

Aluminum hydro oxide which also includes water is a dangerous chemical which normally used for cleansing of window glasses products. If somebody sips it by mistake then he can be collapse and moreover dead. If it is using over then it will affect breathing system. As youngren describes it is true that ammonia is not original position in it but all of this can be affect person who feel allergy with chemicals like irritation in eye, nose, mouth and swelling also. So, it is necessary when it should be used then windows and doors should be open. Here is another simple way to clean the windows glass. You can prepare a mixture of vinegar and water for this purpose. It is safe for health.

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Toilet bowl cleaner

Normally available toilet bowl cleaner in market keeps sodium hypochlorite. It smells and works like bleach. Christina youngren believes that if somebody drinks think sodium hypochlorite by mistake then it will show its symptoms rapidly. Even where it is being used just its smell can appear dangerous symptoms. Especially when ammonia is include in it. After washing with water it can be irritate and reddish skin. It can be picking in nose, mouth and throat with it.

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Liquid Hand Soap

In most liquid hand soap triclosan is also used. As mouth wash has antibacterial specialties it has also but as it has demerits so it is suggested not to use these liquid hand soaps. In 2012 research shows up only one dose of triclosan has weakened heart muscles of mouse 25% and they also decreased the power of catch anything. It also can affect on human being as it does on mouse. It can also weaken human muscles.

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