How To Know Your Girlfriend Is Not Only Yours

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Sometimes your relationship ruined by mistrusting of your loved one’s. If you feel that your girlfriend is cheating on you, it’s not ignorable. You have to sort it out. Join me and see how to figuring out your fears.


Why, what & how are you thinking?
First of all before taking any step you have to analyze why you start thinking like this? Are you feeling that? If have no answer then I suggest you not to take any step and take out all these thoughts out of your mind. And if you have reasons then its the time to get on it. Read this list and answer positive or negative for each point.

  • Why you are feel that she is cheating on you? Do you have proof or just a hunch?
  • Is your girlfriend trust worthy?
  • Is your girlfriend lied ever to you?
  • Is she going absent during talk or it has done many times?

If your answers going negative then you have to go next steps otherwise you have to leave this here.

Observe her attitude

Watch out her attitude and behavior carefully. Did her behavior is going to change. Or now she is not giving you the special attention as before. Or she is losing interest in you. I mean observe her behavior such as:

  • Is she getting less text and calls to you or only you are going to calls now that was never before.
  • And she starts leave your company to attend a call or she trying to guard a call.
  • Now she finds the situations to arguing and fight.
  • She is now paying more attention on her looks and you noticed that she changing her choice in anything.
  • She caught in a lie that was never before.
  • Increasing her time on PC, laptop or cell phone.

These are not good signs. If you observe that she is doing all these things then you are near to break it up man! try to escape.

Express feelings

Express your feelings in front of her. You were told her many times that you love her but now you all do that just for observing.

  • Say her “I love you”.
  • Hold her hand with warmth that you’ve done before and note her reaction. Does she pull back her hand or does she appreciate that?

Review past

Past of any person describes that what he has done and his nature. Now you have to look her past. Did she cheat on anybody? Did she done anything with anybody that you are thinking is going with you.


Up-front with her

This is very good technique. You can apply it anywhere.

  • Say her that she is leaving interest in you. Don’t say her “ You are cheating on me”.

If she gone straight forward and reassure you that you thinking in the wrong way and gives you the solid reasons then there is nothing to worry. But if she gone defensive then this is not a good sign. Take it in mind.

Analyze yourself

When you reach at the point where you know your girlfriend is cheating on you. Then you have to analyze yourself, your attitude and your habits. These are some bad habits which can be a cause of this mess in your life.


Have you ever hurt her?

This is the only unconditional reason for your love partner to break it up. If you are hurting your loved one physically or mentally then there is no way but only break up.

Cheer-up or sad

Life is the name of happiness and sadness. I mean life should be balanced with both. If you feel sad more than you feel happy may be a an other cause of all this.


Once the trust is gone, there’s no good reason to stay in a relationship.
If you have any symptom from above then you have to change yourself and your attitude.


Prevent break up

If all after that you want to prevent break up then you have to get better your attitude and take a good plan. Here is some suggestions.


Yes, communication is very important in all parts of life. If you loose the communication with anybody then you are preparing a ground to get rid of a beautiful relationship. Keep strong your communication skill.

Take time to tell your partner why you love her

Not once, but often. This can be something as small as a compliment on how they look. Your partner needs to know you appreciate them. Don’t just assume they know. Everyone likes to be reminded they are loved.

Be patient

Be patient and compromised with yourself and your loved one partner.

My aim is only to prevent break ups. To give the awareness about cheating and to get more happy relationship. Any way, this is only my opinion, If you are not agree this is your rightSmile. You are welcome to shoot me up in comment box if wana say something.


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