How To Get Rid Of Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome In Just One Month

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Yes we have found final solution for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). You will believe it after reading this post as I am going to reveal something very different and killer for your chronic IBS disease.

First of all this article which you have just open is a totally different one in its kind. you know very well if you are fighting with IBS that when we search on internet about the solution we just gather a mount everest of creepy advices and medications. I am not going to waist mine and your time in some long long traditional IBS debate which is for sure endless. I will just make myself focused on presenting my final solution and I believe it will help all of you over there at the other side of IBS.


Here is a little bit introduction and root cause of IBS. Because at first you need to understand about what is happening to you and why you are in this vicious loop before trying to get rid of it.


What is IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common gut disorder. The cause is not known. Symptoms can be quite variable and include abdominal pain, bloating, and sometimes bouts of diarrhoea and/or constipation. Symptoms tend to come and go. There is no cure for IBS, but symptoms can often be eased with treatment.


No Cure?

Yes till then unfortunately medical science and even homeopathic have no solution or cure for IBS. Well surprising news for every one who is suffering and fighting with this devil. Always you will see doctors trying to motivate their patients to go for a psychiatrist after giving up or feeling fed up from patients behavior.


What these psychiatrists do? nothing at all…They start your sessions treating you like a psycho and try their best to transform a normal human being into a real mad one by giving him tranquilizers, sleeping pills and all other pathetic medicines who generate an artificial fell of relaxation for patient like xenax, alprazolam, relaxin, cipralex etc. What results you should expect for that!!! only panic disorder, anger increment in social life, more stress, sleeping disorder and hell of other problems. Where is IBS??? yes still there with more worst symptoms.


Some General Symptoms.

 Pain and discomfort may occur in different parts of the abdomen. Pain usually comes and goes. The length of each bout of pain can vary greatly. The pain often eases when you pass stools (motions or faeces) or wind. Many people with IBS describe the pain as a spasm or colic. The severity of the pain can vary from mild to severe, both from person to person, and from time to time in the same person.

Bloating and swelling of your abdomen may develop from time to time. You may pass more wind than usual.


Stools (sometimes called motions or faeces):

Some people have bouts of diarrhea, and some have bouts of constipation.

Some people have bouts of diarrhea that alternate with bouts of constipation.

Sometimes the stools become small and pellet-like. Sometimes the stools become watery or ribbony. At times, mucus may be mixed with the stools.


You may have a feeling of not emptying your rectum after going to the toilet.

Some people have urgency, which means you have to get to the toilet quickly. A morning rush is common. That is, you feel an urgent need to go to the toilet several times shortly after getting up. This is often during and after breakfast.


Other symptoms sometimes occur and include: nausea (feeling sick), headache, belching, poor appetite, tiredness, backache, muscle pains, feeling quickly full after eating, heartburn, and bladder symptoms (an associated irritable bladder).


Some people have occasional mild symptoms. Others have unpleasant symptoms for long periods. Many people fall somewhere in between, with flare-ups of symptoms from time to time. Some doctors group people with IBS into one of three categories:


Those with abdominal pain or discomfort, and the other symptoms are mainly bloating and constipation.

Those with abdominal pain or discomfort, and the other symptoms are mainly urgency to get to the toilet, and diarrhea.

Those who alternate between constipation and diarrhea.

However, in practice, many people will not fall neatly into any one category, and considerable overlap occurs.


Note: passing blood is not a symptom of IBS. You should tell a doctor if you pass blood.


Do you really need some normal or special tests?

There is no test that confirms the diagnosis of IBS. A doctor can usually diagnose IBS from the typical symptoms.

However, a blood sample is commonly taken to do some tests to help rule out other conditions such as ulcers, colitis, coeliac disease, gut infections, etc. The symptoms of these other diseases can sometimes be confused with IBS. Tests done on the sample of blood commonly include:

Full blood count (FBC) – to rule out anaemia, which is associated with various gut disorders.

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) or C-reactive protein (CRP) – which can show if there is inflammation in the body (which does not occur with IBS).

Antibody testing for coeliac disease.

More complicated tests such as endoscopy (a look into the bowel with a special telescope) are not usually needed. However, they may be done if symptoms are not typical, or if you develop symptoms of IBS in later life (over the age of about 45) when other conditions need to be ruled out.


Simple and final causes of why you are a patient of IBS.

Who is responsible for all of this mess in your life…did you ever think? alright let me talk straight, It is you! only and only you who is responsible for your IBS. A non managed life, sleeping and awaking routine against natural clock, smoking, Caffeine over dosage, Stress full working envoirenment, long working hours especially for it geeks, out of control alcohol, lack of anger management awareness, rude and harsh social behaviors, business failures, financial crises and so on a timeless tale… I accept that may be 5% of IBS patients can be exclude of these causes but the fact is IBS is a gift from human advance and fast tech life and you know in UK Up to 1 in 5 people develops IBS at some stage in their life isn’t this amazing?


What to do now?

Alright making it short and coming to the point here I am going to tell you how to get rid of this disease 100% guaranteed. You just need to follow these simple 3 steps and everything will be alright from next month.


First be prepare your self before I will tell you treatment.

1. Leave your doctor:)

I am not asking you to quit medicines but for God’s sake its time to fight. Juts start it by topping your self begging for appointments from specialists. They can’t do anything for you at the moment. I know many people will start shooting at me but I have to say what I have in my mind if it can help others.

2. Stop smoking or other drugs right now.

Yes you are going to quit your smoking and other drugs…well its on up to you how you dodge yourself to achieve it like you can decrease smoking gradually as leaving cigarettes suddenly can be a big cause for constipation.

3. Start Living Naturally.

Its time to listen what mother nature says you have done what you were ever wanted and no one stopped you not even now only you are the one who can stop your self. Don’t be an enemy of yourself and start awaking at early morning and sleep early. This is not so simple as I am writing but hey you can do it in a process.

4. Control your anger…No More Stress!

For sure stress and anxiety are worst enemies of you and can make your IBS more worst to live with it. Don’t get panic stay calm and cool where ever and in what condition you are. Now you can’t afford it.

5. Be happy Always.

What the hell I am talking about??? being happy is same like being angry. It is quit easy to be happy even when you don’t have anything to be happy. Like what you are feeling now? Are you feeling happy? If Yes then keep doing it…that’s all we say be happy!


Now The Treatment!


Here we are at the bottom. You just need to do a very little effort and that effort is start adding honey in your life’s each day. Just drink on table spoon of (original honey) in a normal glass of water when you open your eyes at morning. Before every thing, before anything just do it and don’t get near to your breakfast for 1 hour. Spend your time in wash room and getting ready for your job or wherever you work. 


Do it for one month, don’t leave it, don’t discuss it with anyone who can demoralize you in this process. Symptoms will come gain and again just bear them let them create little more fuss in your life for last time as honey is working inside of your “GUT” (The gut includes the bowels). Let it do what it made to do:)

After one month increase 1 table spoon. Now you are getting 2 table spoons of honey mixed in normal tap water early at morning with empty stomach and you know??? you are getting normal every day. You will see your constipation is vanished, No bloating, farting and no more diarrhea!!!


Believe it or not honey is the only thing which can bring you out of this crap. Only doctors and muslims can understand from where I am talking about and what I am actually trying to deliver.

Definitely you need to maintain your life as nature demands every person to live like a normal being. Praying to you God daily, doing exercise or walk at morning, decrease smoking and quitting other bad habits, managing your anger and of course no doubt the most effective technique MEDITATION…All of this stuff will help you a lot in your fight of IBS but let me tell you that with out honey its almost useless. 


Do a little bit search on honey at internet and see what I am trying to tell. Especially if you are not a muslim then go and ask any one who is muslim about honey and he will tell what is the secret behind this. I can’t cover all of this debate in a short article post. This is the final solution if you really want to live like normal persons other wise try to live with it.


I will appreciate your comments.


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