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Most detailed and authenticated post on meditation. You will learn smashing secrets of real meditation techniques in this article. In depth study and surgical analysis about everything of meditation.

Alright everyone here I am with everything about meditation. I have only one request, please read it complete if you really want to know something on meditation.


What is meditation? 

Sleep is unconscious meditation and meditation is conscious sleep. In sleep we get limited energy while in meditation we get abandoned. This energy enhances our bodies, mind and intellect. It opens the doors for our sixth sense and beyond. This boosted energy through meditation make you enlightened and relaxed for always and give you real happiness. It also helps to reach on physical heights of this world like health, wealth, wisdom and richness.


It is nothing but a true journey inside of our self. In meditation we consciously travel from body to mind, mind to intellect, intellect to self and beyond. To do meditation first we have to stop all the functions of our bodies and mind. That is body movements like seeing, speaking, and thinking. Now, let us know how to do meditation.


What is the right posture to meditate?

For meditation the first thing is posture. You may sit in any posture but the posture must be very comfortable and stable. You can meditate either on a floor or on a chair. We can mediate in any place where we feel comfortable. Sit comfortably cross your legs clasp your fingers. Now close your eyes. Stop inner or outer chatter. Don’t chant anything even religious just relax totally relax. When we cross our legs and clasp our fingers energy circuit its form and give more stability.

Watch this video to learn right posture.


Closing your eyes.

Eyes are the doors of mind so eyes should be closed. Religious chanting or mind chattering inner or outer are the activities of mind so it should be stopped. When body relaxes, consciousness travels to the next zone.


Understanding the difference between mind and intellect.

Mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts there are numerous thoughts always coming to the surface of the mind. Whenever there are thoughts in the mind we get many questions known and unknown to transcend the mind and intellect.


Observe your breath.

Observation is the nature of the self so the one should just witness the breath. Don’t do conscious breathing don’t inhale or exhale consciously let inhalation and exhalation on its own just observe the normal breathing. This is the main key this is the way. Don’t go behind the thoughts don’t answer queries, questions or thoughts. Cut the thought come back to the breath. Observe your normal breathing.


State of Meditation.

Then the density of the thoughts reduces. Slowly breath becomes thinner and shorter. Finally breath becomes smallest and feels like a splash in between the eyebrows. In this state one will have no breath and no thought he will be totally thoughtless. This state is called no thought state or meditative state. In this state you will be under the shower of cosmic energy the more meditation one dose the more will be the cosmic energy he receives.  


Knowing your Etheric Body.

The energy body forms with go 72,000 energy tubes which runs all across the body. All these energy tubes start from the top of the head region. These energy tubes spread throughout the body like the roots of a plant. The energy body is the main base of the design of our life. This energy body is the main source of all the actions and even our existence. Our energy body receives cosmic energy during deep sleep ad meditation. We are using this energy for our body and mind activities like seeing, speaking, hearing, thinking and all physical actions. All these functions are totally based on the incoming cosmic energy.


The flow of cosmic energy based on our thoughts when we have thoughts the flow of cosmic energy is obstructed. In other words our thoughts are the stumbling blocks for the flow of cosmic energy. When the flow of cosmic energy is less the energy in the energy tubes decrease this causes etheric patches in the energy body. These etheric patches gradually convert themselves into diseases in the physical body. In other words root cause of all diseases is the lake of energy in the etheric body. In meditation we get massive cosmic energy which flows to all our energy tubes of the energy body.


When cosmic energy is passes through the tubes because of its heavy flow it cleanses all etheric patches.  As soon as etheric patches are cleansed we come out of all our illnesses. When energy starts flowing through our bodies we feel heaviness in our head reagion or heaviness in the whole body. When energy is cleansing the energy tubes in a particular region. We make get itching or pain in that region sometimes we may experience in various places in our physical body. For these pains we don’t need to take any medicine. All these pains will vanish while we will do more meditation. By intake more and more cosmic energy through meditation we come out of all physical and mental illness.


Know let us go through once again what we have understood so far.

Meditation is a journey to words the self. For this we have to transcend the body and the mind. By assuming the comfortable posture our body totally relaxes and this facilitates transcending the body consciousness. By observing our normal breathing we transcend the mind. When we transcend body and mind when the cosmic energy flows. Cosmic energy cleanses all illnesses of the body. Thereby we will be healthy without any medicine. More and more cosmic energy releases all the tension and stress of mind. As we practice more and more meditation mind becomes calm and peaceful. This leads to higher remedy power.


More and more meditation leads to higher understanding capabilities. Then it leads to good interpersonal relationship. Meditation enhances the happiness of family life. Meditation makes you healthy and blissful. Meditation helps us to get all answers to all our questions to achieve this and more meditation should be practiced every day. Meditation can be done at any place. Meditation can be done at any time. Even during the journey in once city. Meditation should be done thirty minutes every day. For meditation you don’t need to leave family life. Everyone should do meditation children are mediators. They can start meditation by the age of 5. For meditation you don’t need to find any master or guru. The guru, the master is breathing. Your breath is your guru. Your breath is your master. It is for everyone.


Understand the Cosmic Energy.

The Cosmic energy exists everywhere in cosmos. It is bond between the galaxies and the planets, humans and molecules. It is the space between each and everything. Cosmic energy is a life source. This cosmic energy is essential to maintain the order of our life and to expand our consciousness. Cosmic energy is the base for all our actions and functions. We receive some amount of cosmic energy in deep sleep and in total silence. we are using this energy for our day to day activities of our mind like seeing, speaking, listening and all actions of our body.


This limited energy is not sufficient for this activity that is why we feel exhausted, tired and tensed. This leads to mental and physical stress and all kinds of illnesses. The only way to overcome this is to get more and more cosmic energy. Cosmic energy is essential to maintain the order of our life to lead a healthy and happy life to totally involved in all situations we are in to obtain knowledge and finally for the expansion of our consciousness. Normal source of obtaining cosmic energy is to get normal sleep by paralyzing our body to make it ready for the next day. But the biggest amount of the cosmic energy can be only obtained through meditation.


What is real knowledge?

Meditation is the journey of our consciousness towards the self. To do mediation we have to transcend the body and mind. When we transcend the body and mind we reach the self then we received massive cosmic energy. By doing meditation our self knowledge enhance. Now, let us try and understand what knowledge is? Meditation takes you to the higher knowledge. Knowledge is nothing but experience. Experience is nothing but totally involving yourself.


By practicing more and more meditation we receive higher energy with this higher energy. Higher involving achieve in every aspect. Which leads to higher knowledge? Through knowledge we get higher understanding and wisdom. With this understanding we understand that we are not just body and mind. We understand we are miraculous species. We understand all the situations we cross and come out of all problems. By higher understanding, higher energy and higher knowledge expands consciousness. Expansion of consciousness is the very purpose of the self. Higher knowledge is obtained only to higher senses like third eye and astral body.


What is the third eye?

Third eye is a very powerful tool of the soul to see, to feel and to hear the higher frequency of realities. These three functions of the soul are known as third eye.

By practicing more energy flows, more energy activates the third eye. It is a great experience for a mediator. At the time of activation of third eye we feel an itching sensation in your forehead region. We start seeing the glimpses of various colors rotating objects. We hear murmuring sounds. We feel as if we are traveling in a pitch dark tunnel. When the etheric body insufficient cosmic energy by more and more meditation the third eye gets perfect vision and clear look. Here we perceive crystal clear visions of this place and other places. With third eye perfection we see many things clearer than the physical vision.


We see other frequency realities. We see things which are not present in the well of five senses. We feel so many things which no one can express with words. We hear inner voices, sounds. Sounds of instruments from other frequencies. We see masters who are not their physically with us. After more meditation we start seeing the master like a bright light. Even by seeing the bright light. We feel the identity of the master. We can hear the message from the master. We feel like moving in a tunnel and finally merging with the light.


Through third eye experience we know we can get answers of all our problems through messages from the masters or by seeing other frequency realities or as a feeling. By this our actions change our believes will change or understanding will change. After this third eye experience we find changes in our perceptions of this physical world.


Astral body and astral travel.

Now let us know the other tool of the self that is Astral body. Astral body is a tool of the self to perceive other frequency realities. In normal condition our consciousness is spread throughout our physical body. When we received sufficient amount of energy and when we are able to perceive other frequency realities. Consciousness moves in the form of astral body. We perceive astral body experiences unconsciously during our sleep which we call dreams. One can perceive astral body experiences consciously with meditation. Astral body travels beyond space and time after conscious astral experiences we start perceiving new dimensions.


In meditation after receiving massive cosmic energy the consciousness which is spread everywhere in the body starts moving towards a point. While consciousness is moving we experience jerks in physical body. We feel as our body is floating. We don’t feel the hands and legs. We feel lightness of the body like feather. Movement may be experience in the different parts of the body and sometimes the one can feel the movement experience of whole body is rotating. These are known as astral movements. By practicing more and more meditation we get more cosmic energy. The consciousness takes the form like an astral body starts rotating very fast. This causes heavy moves. After the movements the astral body starts the coming out from the physical body. With a link called silver cord. Silver cord is nothing but a live binding with consciousness.


This transfers the messages of physical body to the astral body. With this we can do astral travel. Astral travel is a travel of our consciousness to known and unknown places and frequencies. By doing astral travel we get highest knowledge and understanding of the self. In astral travel our astral body can pass through physical materials like earth, water, fire and wind. Astral body can go to all other frequencies without any limitations. After coming out of the body the mediator sees his own physical body. By this he gets a great understanding. He understands that he is not just the body and mind. But he stays in the body. This is a great understanding.


Everyone should experience astral travel. By experiencing astral travel our limitedness goes vanished and we will understand that we are unlimited. By this experience we understand that we the consciousness. We understand that we are unlimited. We understand the new dimensions of life.


What is Nirvana?

By practicing more and more meditation we will receive massive cosmic energy. Cosmic energy improves our involvement in whatever we are in by more and more total involvement with body, mind and self. We understand in total about the situations. This understanding is nothing but knowledge. The common person will get only experience but will fail perceive knowledge in that situation. This is because he experiences the situation with physical understanding alone. But a mediator will understand the situation in total. It is so because he knows that he is not just a body. He knows that he just stays in the body. He understands that the situations are for his evolution. He understands the situations are for his education. After experiencing all meditation experiencing and implementing in our practical life we will get great understanding.


This understanding opens up several thousand doors which gives new dimensions of perceptions in our life. Our understanding, our perception and our knowledge expands a lot. This leads to the expansion of our consciousness. This is nothing but heavy wisdom. We experience this state of wisdom as a thousand petals of golden lotus. Each and every petal is a new dimension of understanding. By perceiving more and more dimensions we understand more and more knowledge of other existences. With this understanding we come to go and there is no death and we are eternal beings. We understand what death is.


Life after life (The concept of hereafter).

We come to this earth place as aspect of cosmic consciousness. While coming from the source we come with etheric body as a structure of the self. We come to this earth place to have unique experience and to start this experiece we select the womb. We select the parents, environment and situations. The whole design of life is note to the self. After selecting the mother aspect of consciousness enters mother’s womb. After consciousness enters the mother’s womb the feeders gets life. The physical body gets a shape according to the cosmic energy and etheric body and cause.


Consciousness will be travel frequently to the source till it takes its first breath. After coming out of the mother’s womb it takes its first external breath. This is known as birth. From day one to the age of seven we will have the awareness of the source. The mind starts taking the shape from the age of seven. It completely forms by age fourteen. The intellect starts its activation from the age of fourteen and is fully developed by the age of 21. From the age of 21 to age of 28 one experiences of the combination of body, mind and intellect. From the age of 28 life depends on self knowledge. If one does not have awareness of the self.


His consciousness lies in between body and mind because of this misery starts he cannot understand the situations. Things become more difficult for him. he molds himself into conceive rigidness. Rigidness locks the cosmic flow due to this he suffers physical illness, stress and tensions. He passes his days without awareness. He cannot understand the vary purpose of his life. He passes from childhood days to youth then to old age and finally passes away from earth place without completing purpose of coming to the earth place. This is what we call death.


Even after death the layer of rigged mind with wrong understanding does not allow the consciousness to reach the source. Because of the wrong understanding he creates his own hell and heaven and stays as a lower astral being. If one starts once life being with the self one with always be blessed full in all given situations. Even after death one won’t be in the low frequencies. One will get back to the source.


By obtaining high knowledge through the third eye astral travel knowledge of birth and death. One will have perfect understanding of body, mind, intellect, self and life source. One understands that the consciousness is a combination of energy and knowledge. Consciousness comes to this plane to gain more energy and knowledge. By living all time with this understanding one starts getting higher understanding about the existence of the whole creations. With this understanding one will become the miraculous creator. Then whatever one speaks it manifests, whatever one thinks it manifests, whatever one does it becomes a creation.


This is enlightenment.

I hope you have enjoyed a lot while reading this long stuff but the fact is when I was trying to figure out the all aspects of meditation I found pieces of information on different sites so I decided to write about meditation in details. If you have any questions please write down your comments and I will get back to you.

I am very thankful to Satya Narayan Goenka who is a leading lay teacher of Vipassanā meditation and a student of Sayagyi U Ba Khin. He has trained more than 800 assistant teachers and each year more than 100,000 people attend Goenka led Vipassana courses. Wikipedia for his great efforts to unfold meditation secrets in commons. If you need more help you can visit his website here.


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