Different Kinds Types And Taste Of Tea You Will Love To Take Them

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Are you tea lover? If yes, then you will definitely love this post and you will also like every thing which is in this post. Just check out which one can be your favorite tea.


Tea is the most popular and widely consumed beverage in the world. Its origins are as old as the 16th century. Used as a medicinal drink in the Chinese civilization, tea gradually expanded to other regions all over the world as it began to be exported into different nations and countries. With its increasing preference and taste among the people, tea gained immense popularity and is now considered the most common drink of all. Nearly all types of tea have Chinese origins. However, with the passage of time, they have largely spread over Asia and closer regions. We can find and immense variety in tea and its kinds. The following are the basic categories which define the various types of tea.



Types of tea

White Tea:

White Tea


The least processed among all its kinds, white teas are taken from the buds and leaves of the tea plant. These teas are famous for their sweetness and soft tastes. They are also found helpful in curing diseases like cancer.



Green Tea:

Green Tea


Widely popular for weight loss and reducing cancer risks, green tea leaves undergo the minimum oxidation and are hence healthier than their counterparts.



Oolong Tea:

Oolong Tea


The processing of these tea leaves takes place by drying the leaves in strong sun and then oxidizing them. They often contain cultivars depending on their type and are considered to be much healthier than green teas.



Black Tea:

Black Tea


Being stronger and bitter in its flavors, black tea is more oxidized than all the above mentioned teas. Made of Assamese plant tea leaves, this tea is widely popular in India and Asia.



Pu’erh Tea:

Pu'erh Tea


This kind is processed according to the Chinese tradition of fermentation. The leaves are dried and rolled and then undergo the process of microbial fermentation and oxidation. Commonly known as Hei Cha in Chinese and dark tea otherwise, Pu’erh tea is considered to be healthy for weight loss, hangovers, digestion and cholesterol levels.



Mate tea:

Mate Tea


More of a coffee than tea, this tea is the traditional Latin American drink prepared from the leaves of the mate plant.



Herbal tea:

Herbal Tea


Being completely free of caffeine this tea is made of herbs and spices infused in water. Considered as one of the healthiest teas in the world, herbal teas are a highly demanded item all over.



Organic Tea:

Organic Tea


Made from leaves, leaf buds and the various internodes of the tea plant, organic teas are famous for their healthy content and subtle taste.


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