Best Plan To Give Up Smoking

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Everyone knows smoking is not a good habit. If a smoker already know this fact and he wants to give up this bad habit but can’t do that. Then I am here to help them. Yes I have some suggestions to abdicate this worst habit. And these are very easy.

Yes you can do it painlessly. I have given a motivational video to quit at the end. Let’s start.

1. Set a quit date.

You can never do anything if you don’t have settled your goal. If you have set a goal for anything this could be done. And you will definitely hit your goal. If you haven’t do that when which goal you have to hit. So, please set a goal. Set a quit date.

2. Make an honest list of all things you like about smoking.

You have to write down everything which you like in smoking, during smoking and reasons of smoking which is actually cause of your smoking. It should be childhood friend, fashion, your loved one, this could be anything. But here is you have to be honest. Because you are not giving paper. It is about you for you.

3. Make another list of why quiting is not easy.

You have to write down all of your likes that are reasons for your smoking. And after that now you have to write those things that are making resistance to give up this. It should be wish of smoke, anxiety, tension and habit.

4. Write all your reasons for quiting on index card.

Take an index card and write on it all reason for quiting the smoking. It should be your mom, your father, your sister, your wife, your brother, your son, your daughter, you friend or your loved one. And when you longing to smoke you have to pull out that index card and read out all reasons.

5. As you are getting ready to quit, stop buying cartoons of cigarettes.

This is a huge thing. This could be a resisting wall for your will to quiting. Fight with it and get win from this huge ghost in the way of your goal. You have to stop buying cigarettes.

6. Delay.

If you are feeling a wish to smoke. Then manipulate yourself, and get any work to do. It is like “I am reading right now after that I will smoke.” after that “I am taking tea after that I will smoke.” Delay it as you can. Manipulate yourself as you can.

7. Don’t have just one.

If you have set your goal then definitely you have set also the stages. When you reach from 5 to 4 and at the time of fifth you again feel a wish to smoke then don’t smoke. You should strict for yourself. If you are sincere with yourself.

8. Increase having water.

During this period water will very helpful for your desire. Rise up your ratio of drinking water. you will feel better and a less wish to smoke.

9. Get Physical.

You should do exercise for 30 minutes daily. It could be walk, jog and any other exercise. If you stuck to home or at office try squats, deep knee bends, push ups, running in a place, walking up and down on a set of stairs for few minutes. If it is also difficult for you then you can do prayer, needle work, woodwork and journaling.

10. Practice relaxation techniques.

Here is another that can help you for your desire. You can try deep breathing exercise, muscle relaxation techniques, yoga and massage etc.

11. Call reinforcement.

You can’t do anything if you are not doing reinforce yourself. And it is more difficult if you are doing by yourself only. You can do it easily if you are a social person. Get more busy in you social circle.

12. Remember the benefits of quiting.

If you will forget benefits of quiting at any time, any stage. You will loose the courage to quiting. You have to remember it and repeat those benefits in your mind again and again.

At the end if you fail to quiting at first time. Then believe me it is not end. You have to try again and again. Keep trying and you will hit your goal soon.


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