Attract Girls With Good Fit

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If you ever thought “What the hell is this? Why girls don’t care about me? I’ve wear most expensive clothes, shoes and watch etc.” Then I am going to say something that will be a shock for you.

“This is all because of you.”


Don’t be hyper and think about it what I am saying. This is a disease which is called “Bad Fit Disease (BFD)”, and it is recoverable. If you are not wearing made for you things then you are not deserve to say “I want to be attractive for girls”. You have to choose clothes that are best fit for you.


Let’s start from shirt. Baggy arms, sagging sides, ballooning back and too much excess fabric. If you are wearing just like that and thinking it is pretty then believe me you are wrong. Shirt should not be too tight and neither too loose. Same collar size doesn’t mean that this shirt is made for you and it will be fit on your body. Less excess shirt is also not acceptable, it will stays tucked and will not cover midsection which is bad.

                            Good Fit                                                             Bad Fit

Now pants. Don’t use those pants that are too large looks like baggy style but are not baggy style. The key is to make sure it almost hugs your ass. Your jeans don’t have to be skin tight but their should not excess fabric on your thighs also.

Be attractive guys. Wish you best of luck.


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