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Alright everyone its time to be enlightened about our farts. I bet you will feel most happy in your life after reading this interesting and amazing researched article about farting facts.


Lets face it:) I will start it from the very first question and I request you to not stop your “!!!Laughs!!!”..alright “!!!Farts!!!” while reading this funniest researched stuff. This will be your only lonely most funny scientific article you will ever read in future I promise:).


Where does fart gas come from?

The gas in our intestines comes from several sources: air we swallow, gas seeping into our intestines from our blood, gas produced by chemical reactions in our guts, and gas produced by bacteria living in our guts.


What is fart gas made of?

The composition of fart gas is highly variable. Most of the air we swallow, especially the oxygen component, is absorbed by the body before the gas gets into the intestines. By the time the air reaches the large intestine, most of what is left is nitrogen. Chemical reactions between stomach acid and intestinal fluids may produce carbon dioxide, which is also a component of air and a product of bacterial action. Bacteria also produce hydrogen and methane.

But the relative proportions of these gases that emerge from our anal opening depend on several factors: what we ate, how much air we swallowed, what kinds of bacteria we have in our intestines, and how long we hold in the fart.


The longer a fart is held in, the larger the proportion of inert nitrogen it contains, because the other gases tend to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of the intestine.


A nervous person who swallows a lot of air and who moves stuff through his digestive system rapidly may have a lot of oxygen in his farts, because his body didn’t have time to absorb the oxygen.

What makes farts stink?

The odor of farts comes from small amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas and mercaptans in the mixture. These compounds contain sulfur. Nitrogen-rich compounds such as skatole and indole also add to the stench of farts. The more sulfur-rich your diet, the more sulfides and mercaptans will be produced by the bacteria in your guts, and the more your farts will stink. Foods such as cauliflower, eggs and meat are notorious for producing smelly farts, whereas beans produce large amounts of not particularly stinky farts.


Why do farts make noise?

The sounds are produced by vibrations of the anal opening. Sounds depend on the velocity of expulsion of the gas and the tightness of the sphincter muscles of the anus. Contrary to a popular misconception, fart noise is not generated by the flapping of the butt cheeks.


How does a fart travel to the anus?

One may wonder why fart gas travels downward toward the anus when gas has a lower density than liquids and solids, and should therefore travel upwards. The intestine squeezes its contents toward the anus in a series of contractions, a process called peristalsis. The process is stimulated by eating, which is why we often need to poop and fart right after a meal.  Peristalsis creates a zone of high pressure, forcing all intestinal contents, gas included, to move towards a region of lower pressure, which is toward the anus.


Gas is more mobile than other components, and small bubbles coalesce to from larger bubbles en route to the exit. When peristalsis is not active, gas bubbles may begin to percolate upwards again, but they won’t get very far due to the complicated and convoluted shape of the intestine. Furthermore, the anus is neither up nor down when a p;  Exceptional conditions exist when the fart is released into a small enclosed area such as an elevator, a small room, or a car. These conditions limit the amount of dilution possible, and the fart may remain in a smellable concentration for a long period of time, until it condenses on the walls.


Why is there a 10 to 15 second delay between farting and the time it starts to smell?

Actually, the fart stinks immediately upon emergence, but it takes several seconds for the odor to travel to the farter’s nostrils. If farts could travel at the speed of sound, we would smell them almost instantly, at the same time we hear them.


Is it true that some people never fart?

No, not if they’re alive. People even fart shortly after death. Everyone needs to fart, have to fart!


Do even celebrities & heroes fart?

Yes, of course. So do grandmothers, priests, kings, presidents, opera singers, beauty queens, and nuns. Even Yoga Masters fart.


Do men fart more than women?

No, women fart just as much as men. It’s just that most men take more pride in it than most women. There is a large variation among individuals in the amount of fart gas produced per day, but the variation does not correlate with gender. I have read that men fart more often than women. If this is true, then women must be saving it up and expelling more gas per fart than men do.


Do men’s farts smell worse than women’s farts?

Based on what I have experienced of women’s farts, all I can say is that I hope not. Scientific studies of farts show that women’s farts have a higher concentration of odor-causing gases than men’s farts, but men’s farts have a larger volume. The two factors equalize out (the same number of stench molecules for both), so the odor is about the same.

You will better decide after watching this video.


At what time of day is a gentleman most likely to fart?

A gentleman is mostly likely to fart first thing in the morning, while in the bathroom. This is known as “morning thunder,” and if the gentleman gets good resonance, it can be heard throughout the household.


Is a fart really just a burp that comes out the wrong end?

No, a burp emerges from the stomach and has a different chemical composition from a fart. Farts have less atmospheric gas content and more bacterial gas content than burps.


Is it harmful to hold in farts?

There are differences in opinion on this one. Certainly, people have believed for centuries that retaining flatus is bad for the health. Emperor Claudius even passed a law legalizing farting at banquets out of concern for people’s health.  There was a widespread belief that a person could be poisoned or catch a disease by retaining farts. Doctors I have spoken to recently have told me that there is no particular harm in holding in farts. Farts will not poison you; they are a natural component of your intestinal contents.


The worst thing that can happen is that you may get a stomach ache from the gas pressure. But one doctor suggested that pathological distention of the bowel could result if a person holds in farts too much. And Dr. P. said that the effort involved in retaining flatus can cause hemorrhoids.


How long would it be possible to not fart?

As I understand it, a captive fart can escape as soon as the person relaxes. This means that a lot of people who assiduously refrain from farting during the day do so at great length as soon as they fall asleep. Having been on a great many overnight field trips, long bus trips, and trans-Pacific flights, I can personally vouch for the fact that lots of people do fart voluminously as they doze off.  So the answer to the question would be, you can refrain from farting as long as you can stay awake!


Where do farts go when you hold them in?

How often have you held in a fart, intending to release it at the first appropriate opportunity, only to find that the fart has disappeared when you are ready for it? I asked several doctors where the fart goes. Does it leak out slowly without the person knowing it? Is it absorbed into the bloodstream? What happens to it? The doctors agree that the fart is neither released nor absorbed. It simply migrates back upward into the intestine and comes out later. It is reassuring to know that such farts aren’t really lost, just delayed.


How can one cover up a fart?

One immediate solution is to blame the dog or cat, if one should be present, or complain about how the wind must be blowing from the direction of the paper mill.As for the sound…


if you are in a large group of people, act oblivious and innocent, or glance quickly at the person next to you, as if you think he/she did it.


Other strategies include coughing or suddenly moving your chair so that people think that they misheard the fart.


If you are with one other person, you can act as if nothing happened, and the other person may believe he was mistaken in thinking he heard a fart.


Depending upon the company, another strategy is not to cover it up, but to proudly proclaim the fart as your own grand accomplishment and to issue a challenge to the others to outdo that one if they think they can.


Sometimes we caught by nature trying to get out of a farting situation like this.


Is it really possible to ignite farts?

The answer to that is yes! However, you should be aware that people get injured igniting flatus. Not only can the flame back up into your colon, but your clothing or other surroundings may catch on fire. A survey done by Fartcloud (the site, alas! is no more) indicates that about a quarter of the people who ignited their farts got burned doing it.


Ignition of flatus is a hazardous practice. However, if you want to try it, and you don’t have a friend to light your fart for you, you might find it easier to accomplish the job using the simple lighter at your own risk.There have also been cases in which intestinal gases with a higher than normal oxygen content have exploded during surgery when electric cautery was used by the surgeon.


Do fish fart?

fish flatulence per sea has not been studied yet….amazing and alarming for National Geographic, although people have investigated fish digestion. They find that although most fish have alkaline intestinal environments like our own, coral-eating fish have acidic intestinal contents. The acid serves to dissolve coral skeletal material. Coral has the same composition as Tums (calcium carbonate). One product of the reaction between acid and calcium carbonate is carbon dioxide gas. Therefore, it is logical to assume that coral-eating fish fart a lot. The other fish probably fart also, for the same reasons that we do. However, Mike Pulte, a great fish enthusiast, said that he has never seen a fish do it.


Why do horse farts smell worse than people’s farts?

I’m not sure that horse farts smell worse than our farts, but they do smell different. Horses have a different diet from us and different gut microbes, so their farts have a different composition. They also fart more voluminously than humans, and the volume of the gas can be overwhelming if one is unfortunate enough to be near a farting horse indoors.


What kind of animal has the highest worldwide output of flatus?

Believe it or not, the animal that wins this honor is the humble termite. Because of their diet and digestive processes (with more than the usual microbial assistance), they produce as much methane as human industry. Termite farts are believed to be a major contributor towards global warming.


How can we tell when it’s only gas needing to come out, rather than something more serious?

Our ability to distinguish between the need to fart and the need to poop is something that we learn gradually in the process of toilet training and early childhood. With the tactile nerve endings in the rectal area, we can actually feel different sensations depending upon what is waiting by the exit. Of course, sometimes we are fooled, especially if the substance at hand is extremely fluid in nature, and that is when we have the unfortunate accident of venting a squirt of diarrhea rather than an innocent fart.


Why do children always deny farting?

I suppose I should start by saying that only some chicks deny farting. The rest of us acknowledge our gaseous accomplishments with pride. However, a great many sisters do deny farting. The reason is that they have been misled into thinking that farts are not ladylike. It is a great mistake to say that farting is not ladylike. The reason is that all people fart, including ladies. Anything that ladies do is by definition ladylike, and that includes the emission of anal gases.


Is it possible for a fart to kill you?

A great many of you have asked if farts can be fatal, or if you can die from smelling a particularly bad fart. My initial response to this question was “no,” but I thought I’d better ask a doctor. So now it is official, the medical opinion I received is no, a fart can’t kill you. However, if you really work hard at it, you can manage to kill yourself with just about anything. I recently read of a man who hooked up his nose to his anus with a system involving a gas mask, rubber tubing and a hollow wooden post. He died of suffocation. This story comes from the Darwin Awards, and I personally cannot attest to the overall veracity of their stories.

The story of the bed-bound obese man who died from inhaling his own flatus (and whose farts almost killed the paramedics) is an urban legend that has been in circulation for some time. But according to Buzzbomb43, whom I quote: “In World War Two, the Air Force estimates that around 1000 to 2000 airmen were killed because of flatulence. The reason is B-17 bombers were not pressurized, so when bomber crews operated around 20,000 feet, the gas would expand and rupture their intestines.” Now, that is a nasty way to go!

But in this movie’s situation definitely A Fart can easily kill you.


Is it possible to inhale (suck in air) via one’s anal opening?

Yes, but it’s a rare talent. The great early 20th Century French flatulist, Le Petomane, was able to do this, and in fact was able to suck up an entire bowlful of water (just the water, not the bowl) into his colon and expel it again with considerable force.  By sucking in large quantities of air, he was able to perform lengthy shows on stage, and could imitate musical instruments, farm animals, and bird songs, whistle melodies, and play the ocarina. His productions were said to be virtually odorless, which is to be expected from air obtained directly from the outside.

Jason W. A struggling student of farting arts:) says, “I am a 16 year old guy that is a part of a 3-man fart on command group.  We get together every Saturday night and practice our talent to songs with a good beat.  We accomplish this by getting on our hands and knees, completely relaxing, and our butt hole just opens up and air just seeps into our colons.  We then get into position and let them rip. We can so far play a song called “THE EYE OF THE TIGER” (Rocky 3 theme song).  We came across another group of 4 guys that can do this during the winter of 2001.


We started to get together with them more frequently, and now we have a full fledged band going all on farting…We are going to try to make a CD on some songs we know, but no one wants to let us…I personally have let a fart go for about 75 seconds.  On average each Saturday night we let off about 1000 farts EACH!  The only problem with flatulating when we want is that now 2 of us can’t help but sucking in air through our anus when we sit down.”  Jason has also provided the following instructions for people who would like to acquire this skill:

    1)  Get a pillow and a soft surface.
    2)  Place your ear on the pillow with your head turned sideways.
    3)  Put your butt up in the air, bringing your knees as close up to your head as possible. This relaxes your anal opening.
    4)  Once you’re relaxed enough, you should feel a strange sensation…this is air traveling into your colon.
    5)  Through practice you will be able to do this by just sitting down.


Is it possible to swallow smoke and then fart it out your anus?

No, smoke consists of solid particles suspended in air. When such a mixture enters the digestive system, the solids condense on the walls and other objects in the gut, or go into suspension in liquids in the system. However, for people capable of inhaling through the anus, it is possible to smoke a cigarette with the anal opening and then blow the smoke back out.


Is it possible to capture a fart in a jar and save it for later use?

It should be theoretically possible to do this, but there would be lots of logistical problems. I would suggest using a plastic bag instead of a jar. You might try the following as a science fair experiment: Fart into several plastic bags and seal them carefully. Then fill several other plastic bags with ordinary air. Wait 24 hours. Then get volunteers to smell the contents of the bags to see if they can correctly identify which ones contain the farts. This should tell you if it is possible to store a fart in any useful way.

One creative minded scientist have come up with a way to capture a fart in a jar. he says to do it in the bathtub while bathing. Fill the jar with bath water and then hold it with the open end downward. Lean back in the bathtub so that your fart bubbles will emerge in front of you rather than behind you where you can’t see them. Catch the bubbles in the jar, and put the lid on the jar while it’s still underwater. This way, you capture a fairly pure fart uncontaminated by atmospheric air. To enjoy your captured fart to the fullest extent, make sure that your jar does not already smell like whatever was in it before, like pickles or peanut butter.


Is it weird to enjoy farting?

It is not unusual to enjoy farting. I believe that enjoyment of farting is a healthy attitude, since everyone has to fart. If a person is farting to the extent that it creates problems and unhappiness, then a visit to a doctor is in order.


Is it common for people to enjoy smelling their own farts?

I believe that it is not only common, it is universal. A person farts and then thinks, at least subconsciously, “Wow, I made that!”


What color is a fart?

Farts are luckily, alas, colorless. All of the gases that make up farts have no inherent color. But just think of how interesting it would be if farts were bright orange like nitrogen dioxide gas! It would certainly take the mystery out of who farted. Never-the-less, a high-personality gas like fart gas suggests color to people. Some people envision farts as brown, others as green or yellow.


I have always thought of farts as brown, presumably because poop is brown. When someone farts in our car, that person might say, “You better not breathe through your mouth for awhile, or your teeth will turn brown.” I knew a toddler who used to draw pictures of farts as yellow rectangles full of holes, like a slice of Swiss cheese. She thought of farts as yellow, and said that she knew they were rectangular because she could feel the sharp corners scraping against her on the way out!


Do other people smell a fart better than the farter?

The fart should smell just as much for the person who created it as it does for other people. However, the farter is somewhat protected by having the fart propelled away from his body in a direction opposite to his nose.  Farting upwind nullifies this advantage.


Why do farts seem to follow the farter?

I’m sure that everyone has experienced this phenomenon, in which one delivers oneself forth of a silent but potent gaseous emission and then steps rapidly away, only to have the fart cling to one’s person. Part of the reason for this annoying characteristic of farts is the turbulence that follows in the wake of a moving person. The fart “slip streams” or is actually pulled along in the farter’s direction by the air currents behind the person.

Another factor is that part of the fart is caught in the farter’s clothing, and diffuses out slowly after the main part of the emission has dispersed.


Why do farts smell so much worse in a shower than anywhere else?

There are several factors. First of all, a shower is a small, enclosed space, so the fart gas is more concentrated, and the high turbidity of the air in the shower circulates the gas through the space effectively. Secondly, the high humidity and high temperature conditions in the shower enhance a person’s sense of smell and taste. The farts don’t actually smell worse, it’s just that we can smell them better than usual. Similar conditions prevail in the bathtub.


 Where does the word “fart” come from?

According to Eric Partridge in his excellent book of word origins (Origins: A Short Etymological Dictionary of Modern English), our word fart comes from the Old English word feortan, presumably of echoic origin, meaning that the word was chosen to sound like the object named.


When it is cold outside and you fart, can you see it like you can see your breath?

Now, that’s an interesting idea! My guess would be yes, since farts are nice and moist like our breath, but this is one question that I’m not in a position to answer. I live in the tropics, and it never gets cold here. Several people have tried the experiment and have written to tell me the results. Most people said that they could indeed see their farts, but one person said that he couldn’t see it even with his pants off.

Here is what anywhere32 reported: “In the boys’ locker room after morning water polo practice it was cold out and one of the players only had on his speedo and let out a fart. About four of us saw it and couldn’t contain our laughter for the rest of the day.”

John of the UK said, “Farts expelled in cold air leave what can only be described as a long bushy tail. This is quite funny waiting on a train station platform on a cold dark frosty morning. A person will move away from everyone to a safe distance, and then release a long quiet fart, only to have a sudden and dramatic long bushy white tail coming from their anus; it goes down a little way and slowly curves up ending in a point, just like a cat’s tail!”


I believe you have enjoyed a lot while reading this funniest stuff on earth which is no doubt also informative same time.


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