16 Funniest Fat People In Funny Situations

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I know this sounds mean and rude…but hey, that’s what these people are. Personally I believe that most of these people have gained so much weight because of some disease but in fact not all of them:)

16. How will he run after a crook!!?

15. Spidey had a little too many twinkies

14. This is actually kind of sad

13. This is even sadder

12. MMMMMMMMM!!! Wedding cake

11. SUCK IT IN!!!

10. Is that a flying kick or is he falling?

9. She no likey!!!

8. Testing the top’s limit

7. The perfect balance

6. Ahhhhhh!!! A big cushion to sit on

5. Just stay back, it’s almost there

4. The classic wannabe

3. Yup!!! you sure did

2. What about the other cheek?

1. Being overweight is not ALL BAD now, IS IT!!?


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