Difference Of Joomla Website On Local And Web Host

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Where you should build your website A local vs web host debate. I will discuss some major differences working on local and web host.


Some people choose to build their websites locally then move to site to web host for launch. Other people build the site on the web host.



Which is better?

Of course it depends. Here are some quick guidelines.

There are several advantages running joomla locally.

No one sees the site before its done. So you can make as many mistakes as you want.

There are no web hosting fees until you are ready to launch.

No internet connection required. That’s great if you are working remotely. Like you are on an airplane or something.

You need no securities for your website admin panel, database.

Taking backups are quick as light.

You can use a killer tool of firefox “Firebug” in avery different way and different editing mode. Advance users will agree to me.

It will be more easier for you if you are going to enter a lot of data like E-Commerce website products.


However there are several disadvantages running Joomla locally.



No one can see the process before its done. So if you are going into the wrong direction your client cannot see it in the process. It also means that any collaborators like designers, engineers, content writers or search engine optimization specialists do not see the site until its done.

You have to move the site from your local computer to web host. Although you have most famous backup archive tool “Akeeba Bakup” available free of cost to move your site on web host like a charm.

The advantage to running joomla on web host and building it their you don’t have to install wamp or xamp. You can also install joomla once and don’t have to move the site later.

If you are working on a professional joomla premium template bought from internet then many modules and components will make your life harder to live while working off line because all these custom modules and components like sliders, image galleries, dynamic data displaying modules, sitemaps, rss feeds and lot of other require internet when execute. Some tools and template may also need Jquery access when you open web pages offline and yes google fonts!!! what about them?

Finally your client can see but and all of your collaborators as well.


The disadvantages of running joomla on web host.

you pay for posting while in development and if you are slow that could cost you more.

You must have fast internet connection to build your website on web host. If that connection is slow working on the website can be quit painful.


What’s best for you?

If you are the only person building your website and the only person you need to happy is you, building website locally makes great sense. If it is all about you build locally.

If you have slow connection you should build locally.

However if you are going to have a client and you are going to have people helping you with a website you might want to consider building your website on web host. I build all my websites on web host personally because I am always working with distant collaborators and clients.


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