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how to create blog in joomla

Need to start a Joomla blog? You are at right place. Blogging with Joomla is truly so easy as it is in WordPress. Just read this quick start up and start building your blog right now.


Well first of all let me explain you something important before we start to learn how to create a professional blog in Joomla. People who are expert in Joomla always stay afraid even to think about blogging in Joomla. In some sort of circumstances this is true that WordPress is no doubt a winner in blogging niche but on the other side they forget that after getting experience in any CMS (Content Management System) its quit possible to start your blog website whether it is WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or anything else.

You just need to know how to manage your content in Joomla and how to do search engine optimization to make your content discoverable in internet world and for sure without any doubt Joomla is as much capable to build a blog as WordPress. Anyways this is a timeless tale and no one can cover it in one post. it’s better to stick with subject.

Alright I will start assuming you are already a geek in Joomla and now it’s time for you to build a blog out there.


K2 The Blogging Component for Joomla

You know that to resolve a query in CMS we always need components and modules and for blogging in Joomla we will need a professional blogging component named “K2”. This beautiful blogging component has almost everything you will need to start your blog. Install it and make your categories, Checkout all option available there and publish them.


Build your standard Joomla menu, attach menu items with K2 categories and start publishing your post in item tab of K2. I know it’s not as easy as I am writing but in my point of view you can get full control over K2 in just 3 days if you are a real Joomla guy.
Download: K2 the best blogging component for Joomla

After your content is up you will have to work with some other important tools to make your SEO nest more tighten around your content.


Xmap Sitemap plugin for Joomla & Xmap K2 extension:

Like every other blogger a must to do thing is submiting your blog’s sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools which can be easily achieved by Xmap. After installing Xmap for Joomla plugin and K2 extension just enable it in plugins area of Joomla here you can set preferences of how you want to see your blog’s sitemap and submit it in Google Webmaster Tools.
Download: Xmap best sitemap plugin for Joomla and Download Xmap best Sitemap extension for K2


Resolve Duplicate Content Issue

Duplicate content is The biggest myth every blogger face in his blogging life once whether he is using Joomla or WordPress and to cope this issue is sometimes becomes the worst nightmare of your life. If you are blogging in Joomla then there is an easy solution and it’s called “Sourcerer Plugin”. This will give you an extra ability to add canonical link in each of your post which tells Google bots what is original address of page.


To make it work in K2 you will have to add an extra field for all of your K2 categories so that you can insert canonical link in each of your post. This will tell Google web master tools what is your blog post’s actual address and will prevent duplicate content issue to destroy your SEO efforts.


If you are not familiar on adding extra fields in K2 and don’t know how to start publishing it in your blog posts.

check out the bottom line of my post here: How to remove duplicate content issue in K2.

Otherwise Download: Sourcerer best canonical link plugin for Joomla
(Download free version instead of paying for pro).


Final decision about your website’s Non www or www version:

Well you can ignore this issue for a while but for sure it’s not a long term policy. You will have to decide about which is your preferred domain with www or without www. If you are already working with a www version of your website in webmaster tools and you want to make this your preferred domain then you need to submit your website again with non www version and selecting www version as your preferred domain after verifying your non www version.


Google thinks that your site with www and without www can be two different websites at all and in this case big G will consider your content as duplicate whether it is coming from your site or not and the more important it will leak your link juice in two different domains as well.


I am sorry if it sounds a bit complicated which of course it is:)

Check this knowledge base to get instant enlightenment: What is Preferred domain (www or non-www)


Make a permanent 301 redirection

After you have selected your preferred domain in Google webmaster tools you finally need to make a permanent redirection of your website to that specific version. To achieve this little target there are 2 ways, first one is adding some little code in your .htaccess file.
To do this read this post carefully: How to make a permanent 301 redirection with .htaccess

The second and easiest step which I found is to install a little free plugin “aiRedirectWww” which does the job perfectly just install and enable that is all you need to do.

Download: aiRedirectWww best Joomla permanent 301 redirection plugin.
I recommend you to check this plugin to avoid tweaking .htaccess as you can start messing with it in case if this plugiin fails to move your website towards permanent redirection.


Use Disqus as your blog’s commenting system

Because default commenting system of K2 is pathetic and always let you down when you think about how to get full control on your blog comments moderation. There is no email alerts for comments, No social media login options and lot of other important options are nowhere in K2. Using Disqus as your default comment system will give full control over your blog’s comments.
Download: Disqus best comments system plugin for K2


Social Sharing Buttons Plugin

With every blog social sharing options are must to have widget. and in Joomla with K2 there is only one best choice out there. Although you have to buy this plugin but it’s worth each of your penny. Personally I am a fan of this tool and let me tell you a truth…


Developer of this plugin sent it free to me upon my request as I was getting out of money and I ask him to give me a favor to sent me a free copy and I was shocked he sent me a “Free Copy”. Truly I have no words how to praise him because this plugin was so important and useful for every Joomla blogger that without it while I was using some pathetic left and right side scrolling sharing bars I always missed it and today I am really thankful to this guy. 

You can download: Social Share/Vote Button Content Plugin for Joomla. Linking back to the author is still only way to say thanks to him from my side. I will send him money as soon as Paypal will be activated here at Pakistan.


Two small yet very smart Joomla plugins not to avoid if you are blogging

I recommend you to must install these 2 plugins. You will get lot of SEO benefit from these plugins in your blogging life.


One is named “JCH Optimize” This plugin do a beautiful and error free job to compress and minify your CSS and Java Script files and make your sites loading lightening fast. The best of this plugin is to use GZIP compression method which is definitely top of the list when we talk about page speed performance
Download: JCH Optimize Best page speed boosting plugin for Joomla.


Second one is “jHack Guard” Which secure your blog from hacking attempts from many of common methods like the famous one “Sql Injections” and lot of others.
Download: jHack guard Best plugin to prevent hacking of Joomla sites


Don’t forget to choose best professional blog template

Of course design is half of the battle. Always start with a sleek, clean and to the point blog template. Don’t have much time to say about it here as post length is getting long (afraid:)


You can read my post on this subject to get a comprehensive analysis on: How to choose a professional template for your blog.


Please never run for free templates for various and obvious reason you need to stay away from them which you can read in my post.Check out some of our great resources lists to buy most elegant and professional blog themes for Joomla out there on internet.


Top 5 Joomla Blog Templates

10 Best And Beautiful Joomla Templates For Your Blog

10 Extremely Beautiful Templates For Joomla Blogs


Bonus Tips:)

Never ever think to work with traffic exchange widgets like 2leep, Wahoha or Mgid. All of these traffic exchange systems are again Google Adsense TOS. You will get banned or lost your organic traffic gradually right after using any of these traffic systems they are simply no more in the game of today’s SEO. If I talk straight these systems are send you traffic from their existing community as a loop and this kind of hijacked traffic is always cheap, not a customer and not a reader too.


They just come to look for a shocking image or video and disappear right after watching this. It make a huge drop in blog’s bounce rate which you will definitely see in your Google Analytic reports if you are not agree to me right now:) Stay away from them!!!


Surprisingly I am observing a new snake in this hole named “Taboola” I have seen them on Mashable, TMZ, Huffington Post like giants. May be these guys have reinvent their exchange system in a way Google understands or may be it’s a big game because I know they are offering PPC also and their minimum requirement to accept you as a publisher is one million minimum…Hmmm another big money rolling game here:). This is what all of us called exceptional case. Duh!


At the end it’s worth your time to check out: 15 Free Must Have Joomla Extensions For Your Blog
(You will get lot of resources there I can’t discuss all of them here. Don’t miss this post)


That is all you need to do for getting a professional blog in Joomla.

Always keep in mind that after following all of this stuff you get a nice and professionally build blog which is ready for audience but no doubt content is always King and you need to do hell of job yet! It’s just a start Never ever think again in life that WordPress is the only bird in blogosphere. If you are a Joomla lover you can make it in Joomla. Do it without any fear.


Blog of the world is getting nice traffic although we know there is not enough content or not much quality content which can help Joomla lovers in a way it was suppose to build for but still we are getting lot of traffic here and there is no single thing which we can say that only WordPress is capable for.


Still something in your brain? Check this out of the box solution: 
Start Your New professional Joomla Blog [Joomla Blogging Solutions]

Thanks a lot to read it till yet:)

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