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You are thinking why I plan for joomla website? Well, there is no profession or project in this world that can give you the positive results without planning. Yes, it is a reality. Every profession, every work, every job and every project can give you the best results if you’ve planned for that otherwise it can’t.


Let me describe the word PLAN as I want.


P-repare: yourself to design your website as your targetted audiance.

L-andscape: your website as you want it or as you want functions and features in your website.

A-esthetics: Think about what colors and images you want on your site and how your site compares to your competitors.

N-avigation: of your website should be user friendly because you are planning your website for them not only for yourself.



Do you have a plan for your website.


You are about built! no? Well you are not alone. When we were facing term papers in school. We were talked about syllabus outline first and we were encourage to prove everything to make sure it float from start to finish. Creating a website is not so different from those papers and their process. First  we need to start with a plan forward we are building. You can then concentrate on building the insight pages of website. Getting some content at place. After the insight pages are build go back to the home page and get it in shape. Finally debug the website and make sure everything is working correctly before you launch it.


Here of course, we are talking about to build a Joomla website. For example a cosmetics website company website based in London. Your website should reflect three kind of goals. First of all the organizational goals, reflection of the organization behind it and the organization whether it’s a business, non profit, school, club or your own personal website has reason for existence.




What’s the reason of that organization exists.


It is necessary to keep in your mind during the planning and designing of website why this organization is being exist you are working for. Because if you don’t care about this you wouldn’t be able to create a basic concept in website design. So, whenever you will go for planning or designing of a website you should remember this one.




What does it serves


This is also a very important point which belongs to previously we discuss. When you understands the concept of existing this organization you will near to understand the products of this organization and purpose of products. Obviously, a product has a purpose to be invent or produce. You should aware all of them. You should also know benefits of the product because how can you introduce the product which you don’t know fully.




What is it trying to achieve.


Here is another main point which is very important to clear your concepts. It will also help in your designing. You should know your goals to design a website. You should know your website and you also should know about the people you target.


Understanding this background will help you understand how the website can support the organization. In the case of cosmetic company website the organizational goal is to trade the cosmetics products all around the world. They will also like to be used in beauty saloons, makeup kits and of course in ladies bags.  They want to maintain an existing company. They cares about their employees, its customers and the communities they serve. Further that organizational goal they put 5% about sale proceeds to employee development and 5% chronic causes. Finally they are committed to finding more efficient and environment friendly practices in finding manufacturing cosmetics. They recently worked out a new cosmetic product that will be welcomed by the public. Now, external web cycles once you understand the organizations website goes to become much clear. People visit cosmetic company website to find out the more information about the cosmetics.




What is the product?


You should must know about your product which you want to launch in your website. The information about the product will very helpful for you to create environment for your website feel which will definitely increase your product’s value.




What is the company all about?


Before planning a web your main aim to be understand the purpose of organization. A nice simple question but one that will impact upon everything else you do. Even the biggest of sites can be summarised easily and ideally you can describe what your site is about in one simple sentence. As you build your site you will be tempted by shiny new widgets or flashy graphics you stumble across which can easily lead to you going off topic or creating a confused site. The answer to this question is essentially your mission statement and will help you to maintain focus throughout the development process.




Where is the product sold?


Yes, it is important to know which market you have selected to introduce your website and product. Because geographically there many differences in habits. You should must know about your niche. Every market, no matter how small, has multiple segments with one or more unifying characteristics. The art is to identify those you want to target and then position your site in such as way that they respond to it positively.




How do you order?


This is very important part of a website. You can never miss it. It doesn’t matter what is your purpose to build a website. It can build interaction with you and visitor on your website. A contact page will encourage customers to contact the company.  Finally their user goes to considered. Think about why user want come in to the first place. In general, user want to order the cosmetics, find the more about the cosmetic company and he want contact to company for more information. User also enjoy participating in multi-contest to win a 24 bottles of flavor of the month.


After planning you will design your website and wait for our new article which will give you the important techniques about web designing. 🙂


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