How To Use Intensedebate Commentluv And Disqus In Joomla K2

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Finally now you can use Intense Debate, Disqus and Commentluv in Joomla and K2 enabled websites and blogs. Commentluv is the most viral commenting system for WordPress where visitors can share their website RSS feed as links while commenting on website. 

I have seen many Joomla geeks searching on internet to find any possible way to get commentluv on their Joomla or K2 websites and blogs. Here at Blog of The World you can see commentluv fully functional at the end of this post. Let me explain how I enabled this most wanted plugin on my blog.


At first you need to download JA Disqus Debate plugin for J2.5 & J3.1From Joomla Art. This is a paid extension and costs almost $50 but its worth is far more than price. Note: This is not a referral link so feel free to click and buy it now.


Basically this plugin gives you power to enable intense debate commenting system on your Joomla website (Including K2). You can also use Disqus commenting system with this plugin which I will discuss later in this post. Why we need to use Intense Debate is because this is the only commenting system offering commentluv…So simple, Isn’t it .

Disqus or IntenseDebate comments


After downloading and installing JA Disqus Debate in your Joomla. Go to plugins and you will see there are some very useful option like you can enable it for k2 categories and articles. Even you can select where to show comment component like after the content or before the content. Comment counters are also available to show in articles and categories views both. 

Automatic or Manual integration mode

comments counter


Don’t forget to create your free account at intensedebate and get your website ID. You will need to put it in your plugin settings to make it work correctly. Finally it should look like this…

intenseDebate Comment system


Alright assuming now you have a working intense debate commenting system for your Joomla website where you want to enable commentluv along with comments and here is the deal and out of the box solution.


Log in to your intense debate account and go to your website’s moderation area. Select “Plugins” from the left sidebar and just enable coomentluv from there. See following image. That is all you need to bring commentluv on your Joomla site.

intense debate commentluv


Although there is a debate on internet about Intense Debate Do Follow comment risks but in my opinion Intense Debate is made with Java Script so there is no chance that search engines like Google will crawl and index comments on your site.


BTW you can also add rel=”nofollow” before approving comments in your moderation area. You will need to do it manually because there is no way to add rel=”nofollow” automatically in Intense Debate using joomla. This is where I think WordPress mafia seems to be lucky from birth till death .


Something Important: If you are trying to install Disqus on your Joomla or K2 blog I will strongly recommend you to visit Marek Wojtaszek at Code Snipper. He is the only guy who has built a successful and fully functional plugin of Disqus to use in Joomla along with K2.


He always respond back and solve problems which anyone can face while installing his plugin and the best part of his plugin is that you can use comment counters along with categories and articles. His plugin is totally free… Don’t forget to visit him in case you are interested in Disqus rather than Intense Debate.

I would love to reply any of your questions you may face while deploying it on your Joomla website. Also I would love to see you sharing your experience before and after using commentluv as I know its an obvious thing that you will attract lots of comments after adding Commentluv in your site.

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