Top 9 Online Website Builders Of 2013

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If you are finding the free solution of website developing then you are on the right place. Just check out which website builder is suitable for you.



1. Wix Best Free Online Website Builder


Wix is a very handy online utility that allows users to create professional websites in few minutes. Creating websites using Wix allow users to customize the website according to their preferences. Best of all, you do not need any coding knowledge to create the website. The tool has a gigantic library of flash and HTML5 templates that can be used. It is 100% free and if you want to give it a more professional look, you can also subscribe for premium plans that start from $16.17 per month.


Check Out Wix




2.IMCreator Simple Free Website Builder


The tool offers users with fast HTML based tools to create a professional website in seconds. The service offers drag-and-drop functionality to help you customize your site along with a huge gallery of custom templates to choose from. The best thing about it is that you don’t need any coding knowledge to design a website. Moreover, the service offers affordable pricing plans to help you get your own hosting domain and email services.


Check Out IMCreator




3. Webs Free Website Builder for Professional Looking Websites


It has a wide variety of website features to match your needs which are easy to use and employs drag and drop framework. It offers premium packages also. There are powerful application available for business which drive traffic to your site with tools that analyze and optimize your pages. It also contains professional website templates which you can find and be able to put them into high-quality use. No technical skills is required to create a website. It has wide perceptive web analytics tools at your presences.


Check Out Webs




4. MoonFruit  Free Website Builder for Professional Looking Websites


Moonfruit does not need any programming or HTLM language knowledge in order to build it. All you need to do is choose the tool and the templates which interests you since they are readily available online. It includes multiple domain names, email and full ecommerce which is great for the business and small shops. All which is required is for you to openly choose from variable templates available. You will start building your website using the various tools and customization options online. You will clearly need to register first.


Check Out MoonFruit



5. Google


This is one of the widely used web builders. Using Google there are dozens of pre-built templates available which you can use to create your website. It allows you to create a webpage using a single click and be able to customize according to your taste. Information from Google you can easily be accessed and shared. Moreover you have added advantage since you can use the applications and services being offered here for free.


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6. Jigsy


JigsyThere are many different components in jigsy for you to choose from for example galleries,maps, videos, blogs etc… It has website templates that look great on all devices and no extra work is required. It is provided with complete, consistent and fast hosting resolution. It gives you options which are available hence it does not matter what kind of website you want. This developer allows you to make changes to your website in real-time. It has very many themes which are available for you.


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7. Yola


An easy to use free online website builder that helps users customize their site using drag and drop features using customized themes. Yola also offers users with analytics reports as well that helps the users to check out the number of people visiting their site. Premium plans start from $4.95 per month.


Check Out Yola




8. Jimdo


Jimdo simply starts building your website with just a few clicks. No coding knowledge is required is very easy to use and at the same time it is very powerful. You do not need to know how to run a server or about hosting, all you are required to know is to how to operate a desktop. The social media can be linked together and keep the content fresh with the blog. With jimdo you can start a business online, write a blog, add tweets and even insert You Tube videos. For a wonderful experience you may want to give it a shot.


Check Out Jimdo




9. Webnode


It allows you to create professionalweb presentation which are fast and easy. Webnode allows you to set up a web-based shop. It offers a large number of templates to choose from. The companies, bloggers, students and artists who have already used webnode seems to have been fully satisfied. If you have your own domain you can use it to create your website which you can manage it using your phone.


Check Out Webnode


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