Top 11 Creative Google Chrome Tools For Designers

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Now, you can use your chrome as a professional web master tools with these top 11 and creative Google Chrome tools for designers. Just take a happy tour.



1. CSS Button Generator


The easiest way to create CSS Buttons. No coding required.

CSS Button Generator will create beautiful css buttons for you to use on your web pages without the need for any images. When you have styled your button to your liking, simply click on the generated button to get your css style code.


Download Now CSS Button Generator




 2. Clue



Clue is a fun and easy way to test what people remember on your website. Made by ZURB.

Clue is a tool that creates super-fast memory tests based on screenshots of webpages, then lets you see the results. It’s perfect for capturing that all important first-impression of a website.

Why use Clue?

Think about your attention span when you first see a webpage. Are your visitors seeing the correct calls to action? What is their first impression of your site? Are your images conveying value to your first time visitor? This 5 second test app helps you figure this out.

Try it yourself: Click on a page you’ve never visited. Count to 5. Then close your eyes. What do you remember? Did anything catch your eye? If it didn’t in the first 5 ½ seconds (or even the first 2 or 3 seconds), you probably would’ve bolted. Now think about people visiting your website. Does the same thing happen?

How to use Clue?

1. Grab a screenshot: Type in a URL and click the “Start Memory Test” button.
2. Share your test: Copy the link to your test and post it to Facebook, Twitter, your blog or email it to your contacts for a really direct approach.
3. Clue in to your results: Access your results link to see what people remembered about your page.


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3. Gradient Creator!



CSS3 gradient generator. Drag & Drop GIMP .GGR files into your browser to view them! Export your gradient into CSS or SVG.

ColRD gradient creator presents itself as color blocks just like a palette.

Inside each color block you will find the midpoint controller these controllers allow you to stretch the color towards the left or the right of the block.

To the left and right of the color block are col-resize controllers these allow you to scale the width of the color block and the adjacent one.

Color blocks can be reorganized by dragging and dropping, without rescaling the color block or the ones around it.

If you drag and drop a color block onto the Color Picker, the color will be removed from your gradient (re-absorbed into color space!).

– Drag & Drop GIMP Gradient (.GGR) files into the browser to view them!
– Delta Swatch: Shows the colors most similar to the one you’re choosing of the 4096 websmart colors (in CIE-Lab color space).
– Keyboard goodness with Color Picker: HSL, RGB, and HEX chooser.
– Preview: See your gradient in full-screen mode before you save it.
– Flip: Flip your gradient, so: first is last, and last is first.

Download Now Gradient Creator!




4.HTML5 Animation Software & Banner Maker



Create HTML animations that look great on mobile, desktop and tablets.

TweenUI is an easy-to-use HTML5/JavaScript animation tool that lets you create professional animations or banners for free.

Animations created with our tool will play on any device, in any browser. They work on iPhone, iPad, Android, and in all browsers – even Internet Explorer 6!

Move, fade, rotate and scale text and images with ease, and add effects like bounce and slow-motion.

Publish your animation directly to the cloud and embed on any webpage or mobile app with just a few lines of JavaScript.

Add a click-through URL to your animation and use TweenUI as a banner maker to create display ads that run in all browsers on all devices.

Download animations for free!

Publish animations marked with “Powered by TweenUI” directly to the cloud for free!


Download Now HTML5 Animation Software & Banner Maker




5. CSS3 Generator


CSS3 generator is a free online tool to experiment with CSS3 properties and generate the stylesheet.

CSS3 is the updated version of CSS. It offers exciting new possibilities to create an impact with your designs, allows you to use more diverse style sheets for a variety of occasions and more. With this tool you can generate the CSS3 and download the style sheet.

What’s New In CSS3?
Border Radius
Gradient Colors
Box Shadow
Text Effects
Text Columns
CSS Transitions
Text Shadow


Download Now CSS3 Generator




6. Color Picker



Color Picker gives you the ability to pick accurate colors for your jobs, and give you the exact color number that you can use in…

Are you into web design? Or maybe you into Photoshop, either way you got to the right place.

Color Picker is the ultimate tool for people who work on Photoshop or do web design! It gives you the ability to pick accurate colors for your job, and give you the exact color number that you can use in any design software you which to use.

Most people who work with Color Picker are web designer, it consider being useful and important tool for web designers. When you working on building a website, you can play with the colors you wish to use for the site on this amazing 100% FREE app, pick the color number from the app, and use it in the CSS file.

Color Picker makes web designers life easier; don’t change the website colors over and over again until you get the results you’re looking for, just use Color Picker to pick the exact color you need for the website you’re working on.

Color Picker is 100% FREE app, and you can use it as much as you want! Have fun!


Download Now Color Picker




7. MindMeister


Create, edit and share mind maps online. Also works with Google Drive!

The leading online mind mapping application, MindMeister allows your team to be more innovative by providing a shared collaboration and brainstorming environment on the web. Plan projects, manage meetings and sketch out business plans online with partners and colleagues, all in real time!

– Brainstorm online with your team
– Create project outlines within minutes
– Increase innovation and creativity

MindMeister is deeply integrated into Google Drive, allowing users to open and edit many mind map formats such as MindManager, Freemind and XMind directly from your Google Drive, and even sync their entire maps list.


– Create, share and collaboratively edit mind maps
– Import from Text, MindManager and Freemind
– Export to Word, PowerPoint, PDF, image, MindManager and Freemind
– Add icons, images, notes, links and attachments
– Integrated live chat
– Publish and embed maps
– Task management and notifications
– Offline editing and syncing
– Unlimited undo history and replay
– SSL encryption, automatic backups
– Applications for Android, iPhone and iPad

– Open, view and edit mind map files from Google Drive
– Supported formats: MindManager, Freemind and XMind, MindMeister
– Synchronize entire maps list (incl folders) with Google Drive
– Synchronize single maps with Google Drive
– Add attachments from Google Drive
– Share mind maps with your Google contacts
– Export maps to Google Drive as image, text, PDF, and many other formats
– Bulk-export all maps to Drive for backup
– Collaborate in real-time on Drive maps

– Brainstorming
– Project planning
– Task lists / GTD
– Account management
– Prepare and conduct meetings
– Competitive Analysis / SWOT
– Event Preparation
– Website Planning
– Innovation / Change Management
– Problem Solving
– Note taking


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8. Colorblendy


Ever fire up Photoshop just to multiply a couple of colors? No more. Blend colors with different modes like multiply, overlay, dodge, within the convenience of your browser.

Now with colorpickers.

This app is a native Chrome App which works offline, not a bookmark.


Download Now Colorblendy




9. HTML5 Animation & Widget Designer


Create interactive banners, slideshows, HTML content layouts, links, menus, text effects & more for your website.

NodeFire is an interactive focused HTML animator.

Visually style animations and advanced widget effects for your website. NodeFire is perfect for designing ad banners, slideshows, product displays, navigation menus, HTML layouts, text effects, transitions, and much more.


Download Now HTML5 Animation & Widget Designer







Visual Collaboration for Creative People is a collaboration suite that enables creative teams to work better together.

We want to enable visual people to shape their ideas together, fully unleashing their imagination without getting in the way of their flow.

Murals are online zoomable walls with web content (videos, links, photos, and more) used to visualize, think of, imagine, show and discuss ideas. From anywhere, anytime.

Its very simple to collect content from any online source, author the space freely with text, shapes and sticky notes… and also have threaded converstions with your team.

More than 60,000 product shapers, storytellers, creatives and innovators from 161 countries are using to:

– Visually distill and enhance a creative brief by mapping research. Designers, copywriters and everyone else on the same page (wall).
– Understand complex problems by mapping problems using the Business Model Canvas, an Empathy map or other think spaces.
– Shape products by gathering inspiration from the web and on the go. Live drafts of ideas start to get iterated online.
– Get the best (visual) ideas from teams, wherever and whenever they might be. Ideation with no interruptions.
– Design moodboards, storyboards and other visual aids to help shape ideas.
– Discuss on the spot and iterate ideas visually.

Dropbox, Evernote, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Drive, Slideshare, Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Flickr, Instagram and more.

Documents (pdf, xls, doc, ppt)
Images (jpegs pngs, gifs, psd)
Links (any link to any web site)
ZIP and RAR files


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11. PlaceIt Your Screenshot in Your Favorite Device


Easily drag and drop your mockup screenshots into realistic mobile and desktop environments.

With PlaceIt it is now easier than ever to generate screenshots of your mockups while displaying them in real world digital environments such as a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. All you have to do is drag and drop a local image onto the selected environment and let the app do the rest. Then simply right click and “save as” or drag the image onto your images folder.

Use PlaceIt for:

* Portfolios
* Product presentations
* App presentations
* Mockups
* Product screenshots
* App screenshots


Download Now PlaceIt Your Screenshot in Your Favorite Device


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