Most Useful Free Design Collaboration Tools

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Give your designs more impressive shapes with these most useful free design collaboration tools which are totally amazing and you will be satisfied.

1. Redmark


Let’s begin this list by the easiest and handiest tool first. This handy tool is one of the most easy to use tools of its kind available out there. Although it is extremely user-friendly but still has got a lot to offer. Just signup and then begin by uploading an image, filing in the clients information and then simply waiting for the clients feedback. Clients don’t have to sign up for giving feedback and can simply do it by following the link. Then you can make changes according to their wishes!

2. Apollo


Apollo allows the whole team and clients to discuss and share ideas at one place. It allows unlimited members and does not have any limitations on number of notes or documents stored; and provide a secure way of sharing your work as the clients cannot save the uploaded images. It has got a lot to offer including email notifications, dashboard project overview, an audit trail etc.

3. Red Pen


This one is an amazing tool that allows you to get feedback from your client easily and quickly. You have the ability of uploading the design, adding notes on places you want, sharing URL and the getting feedback on that by inserting your email id to get the replies there. It does not require login, but still gives you full ownership of your uploads keeping them safe.

4. Flatsies


It is a great collaboration tool that supports ratina view so your project looks amazing on all devices. It is currently on invite only. Its handy interface allows uploading an image quickly, and even changing the background color and alignment and then sharing the URL with the other party to get feedback quickly and easily.

5. Prevue

It lets your clients preview your creation and then give feedback about it in an easy and secure manner as it offers password protection. Uploading your design, adding your logo etc is made quite easy. Feedback can be given in the form of annotations on each image.




This one is a small yet very powerful tool that allows adding feedback to any interface. Clicking and dragging for making notes, adding your name and sharing your feedback through social networking websites or a URL is also possible. You can also get a screenshot by inserting the web address on the homepage or uploading an image.

7. Invision App

This handy tool is aimed at making the lives of design team members easy as it allows for easy prototyping and collaboration between the members. Simply create a design presentation by a link as it allows loading your project in the browser. It allows linking up UX sketches, wireframes and designs etc, and getting feedback though threaded comments and annotations.

8. Axure RP



Axure RP is another amazing tool that allows making interactive prototypes and then getting feedback about it from the clients. It is simple to use and quite user-friendly. This tool is quite popular and used widely by the designer community.

9. FramBench


Framebench is a cloud-based collaboration and feedback platform that onto which storing and sharing your creations and designs is possible. Drawing, annotating, zooming in and editing assets is possible with this platform. Then your team members or clients can discuss the design and give your feedback. Everything is documented for future reviewing.

10. Concept InBox



Using this tool is as easy as 1,2,3 or sending an email. It does not require signing up and you can begin using it by simply sending an email to with title of project as a subject and images as an attachment, and voila! your project will be generated in a dashboard where you will have the ability of checking your latest activity, managing projects, creating and editing annotations, zooming in and out and even personalizing the dashboard!




Marqueed allows you to share and discuss ideas on images easily, quickly and securely. It offers leaving notes on images, inviting people for feedback, grabbing the images from other websites, receiving notifications and creating groups and much more free of cost!


12. Govisually


This tool is perfect for team collaboration and management. It makes the process of sharing ideas and getting feedback quite quick and handy. Using this tool you can manage multiple revisions, track comments and add your thoughts in the threaded conversation.

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