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Do you want to shape out your browser in modern style then this post is specially for you. You can use these most useful and beautiful add ons for browsers to shape out in new way.



Home is a gorgeous and simple new tab page that automatically adds your Google accounts after installing them. It’ll then show you notifications from Facebook, Gmail and Twitter with the number indicator on the app icon. The clock shown also syncs with your Google Calendar and can show relevant calendar events happening on that day. With a simple note editor, you’ll be using the Home new tab page a whole lot.


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2. Awesome New Tab Page

This extension allows you to use over 20 widgets which you can download from their site. It gives you a grid that spans from left to right to place these widgets of different sizes. The tiles also have a configurable search bar for quick searches on search engines or even Facebook, Twitter and Amazon.You can also manually export and later import your settings or back it up online to your Google Chrome (Gmail) account.



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3. New Metro Tab

The look and navigation of New MetroTab feels a lot like the customizable Windows 8 Metro UI. You can add tiles that leads to links and color them to your preference. You can also choose to upload your own icon or use the website’s favicon for a customized tile. It also features live tiles that include Gmail and RSS feeds. There’s also custom color theming to fit anyone’s personality.



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4. Currently

For those who think that the bookmarks bar will reign superior over the new tab page setup, you can install Currently. It turns the new tab page into a minimalistic clock with date and weather information. There are simple options like choosing a color scheme, Imperial or Metric system, location of weather, language, time format, animations and sounds.



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5.Modern New Tab Page

Similar to the earlier Windows 8 theme extension, Modern New Tab Page is however slightly simpler to use. When adding a new website tile to your screen, it’ll automatically find an available RSS for the site and will start displaying feeds like a live tile. So you’re creating a live bookmark tile which is looks cool and clean. You also can upload your own wallpaper or choose one of its color schemes.



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6. Fruumo

Fruumo is a good looking extension that has more functionality than just having bookmarks. It has a minimalistic clock, date, temperature and weather information on the top accompanied by a search bar that power searches through your Chrome apps and bookmarks. It also includes RSS feeds and Facebook notifications.


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7. New Tab Page

Inspired by Google Now, this extension changes the look of the standard new tab page and adds a few informative ‘cards’. Apart from the search bar on top, there’s a card for weather information and the latest trending news on the left. There are no other options to configure as of right now, but it’s very lightweight with no hiccups.



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8. Speed Dial

Speed dial is for the keyboard master and those who just prefers the keyboard over the mouse. With customizable hotkeys, you can quickly go to any of your 9 favorite websites by pressing keyboard combinations like Ctrl + s or any other number from 1 – 9. You can then group different websites and access any of them with a simple key stroke.



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9. New Tab Tools

New Tab Tools adds more options to your default new tab page by allowing you to determine the amount of tiles you want for each row or column. You can also customize the location of the launcher bar or remove it complete it if you don’t use it. There’s also the option to upload a custom background image to make it look good.



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10. New Tab Plus

New Tab Plus comes pre-loaded with many popular websites. Each tile acts as a simple link that takes you to the respective pages. What’s nice about this add-on is that you can group links together by category and quickly access different groups by scrolling up on the mouse. You can also drag and drop your favourite links at the quick bar at the bottom for even faster access.


Download Now New Tab Puls 


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